13 September 2010

[biggest loser: Alrighty Then.]

It's been a while since I posted on my personal journey of my weight-loss.  I decided to take a little look back - to see how far I've come, how far I have to go.

So - my last post showed that I was 137.6 lbs.

This morning, I was 135.8 lbs.  And my waist was just under 31".  

Two pounds in almost a month.  Not good ... BUT, it's not like I'm starving myself, skipping desserts, eating only 4oz of chicken with a head of lettuce.  So what do I expect?  Plus, with all my running, I'm pretty sure that I'm packing a bit of muscle - so that's got to count for something.

When I look back even further I can see how things have really progressed for me ... so - this time last year, I was 158lbs ... now, that was only 4 weeks after I had Katia.  But still - it's what I was last fall ... so this past year I have lost over 20lbs.

I still have 10lbs to go.  I'd like to be 124lbs, actually.  But we'll see ... if things start sagging, I'll stop *laughing*.  But I'm going to start being faithful with my weigh-ins here.  It seems to work for me to be painfully public about it ... and it's free *grin*.

My goal for next week:  134.5lbs  - oh to be under 135lb ... I haven't been there since July, 2008.  Sure, I was preggo for most of 2009, but stiiiiill.

And in my final weigh in on that 2008 Biggest Loser competition I did, my final weigh in was 130lbs.   So - if I put it that way, I'm only 6lbs from being my lowest weight in 2 years.

Hey.  I'm feeling pretty pumped now ... off to do my run *grin*.  Going for 7km today ... 

OH OH OH!!!  And I have a post up on my Redhanded Photography Blog ... it's of a family I know well - maybe you know them too ... come stop by and leave a comment if you wish!

Have a great one!

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