10 September 2010

[Tias: First Day Of Grade One]

First off - how INSANE is it that summer is over.  Over?  Wow.  Time really DOES fly the older you get *grin* ... and now the fall is here.  Oh how I LOVE this time of year ... there's a line in "You've Got Mail" and it talks about "...bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils" in the fall.  Just typing that makes me feel all warm inside.

I loved school as a child, and I'm trying to make this time of year just as special and just as full of excitement as I remember it ... With a new class, new teachers, new pencil crayons and markers, new friends, new warm clothes, fresh lunches ... love love love it.

But.  I have to say good bye to him every day now.  And THAT makes my heart sink.  So - I've been trying to make it fantastic for him, while hiding my little bit of sadness ... cheering him on the best that I know how.

Mattias had his first day of school on Tuesday.  He was so excited - even though his class only had four children from his kindergarten class ... Truth is, I think I was more nervous for him than he was.  Nope.  I was for SURE more nervous ...  It was a full day - but I knew he was more than ready for it.

I love his school, I love the families there, and I love the teacher's hearts - so, we're looking forward to another fantastic year of new friendships, memories and of course - LEARNING!  Oh man ... why can't I be six again? ... And I loved the picture he drew of himself.  The hearts inside ... made me smile.

Well, his teacher is going to get to know me really well *grin* ... bring on the helper days, the fundraisers, the field trips.  I'm sooooo in!

Tias, I hope this year is the best one yet, and that not only you learn about words and numbers, but that you learn about compassion and generosity, about laughter and loyalty.  You are such a beautiful child - and I am a better person because of the things YOU teach ME ... love you Tias so much!!


Ok.   Have a good one *grin*!


Shawna said...

Ahh, the joy of it all! Congrat's M on a new year! Lookin' good Mama ;)

Lisa B. said...

Yeah for grade one and all the adventures it will bring! I'm sure M will have load of fun!

Tawn - love the pic of you and M - all your hair up and off your face, beautiful!

Tawn said...

... oh dear. should I cut it off?????