04 October 2010

[big dreams: Contracts.]

Thank YOU.  So many women have contacted me about this project that has been on my heart for so many years now.  It's so exciting to see it all come to life right in front of my eyes.  I'm believing for 20 women or more ... right now there are 17 women, 17 incredible women who are joining me in this and sharing their stories for the strength of others.

If you are one of those women, you should have received an email from me detailing what you may wish to include in your write up.  I am already getting stories back, and now I am scrambling to make sure everything is done correctly.  *grin*.  Typical me.

I will be putting together a contract that will be emailed to all of the women involved.  You will have to print it out, fill out any necessary information, sign it, make a copy for your own records, and mail the original to me.

The contract will state what the project is, the purpose of it, and basic legalities regarding the sharing of your stories.  Please remember that there is no money to be made from this - with any proceeds made, going to the BC Children's Hospital.  Any woman involved in this project will have full access to the accounting and will receive updates on monies earned and donated.

I am CERTAIN that there will be much more for me to learn and figure out here ... but primarily, I want everyone to know that this is NOT my book.  It's "ours".  Any time I put into this is donated ... I will NOT be taking ANY commission for ANY reason.  And this is important to have in contract form to protect both myself and all of those involved.

ANYway ... kindof a strange blogpost - but this is for those of you who are debating whether to be involved, and aren't on my email list already ... 

For everyone else ... if you believe in this project, please pray for all of us.  Your prayers are so appreciated   - as this whole thing will be in vain if it doesn't touch, strengthen and encourage other women.

Thank you so much ... 

OH!!!!  And I did weigh in this morning ... so disappointing.  135.2lbs.  Haven't lost anything in 2 weeks.  In fact, I'm up .5-ish.  Funny though ... when I was 145lb, I DREAMED of being 135.  Now that I'm 135lb, I feel like a heifer.  While the weight was coming off, I felt like my clothes fit and I felt good ... and yet now it feels like nothing fits - and that I'm at least 10lbs overweight.  How is that??

My gut ... I'm telling you - 4 pregnancies have taken it's toll.  It's just ... there.  And running isn't doing anything with my weight anymore it seems (other than clearing my head, and all the other good things it DOES do ...).  So, this morning I pulled out the dreaded "Jillian Michaels:  30 Day Shred" dvd.  I bought it in the spring - and it's still in it's wrap *grin*.

The plan ... when I don't have enough time to run (I need at least 40minutes for cool down, stretching and a 5km ...) - I'll do the shred.  I hear it's brutal.  But I think I need brutal ... Having Jillian scream at me might be just perfect.

We'll see.

Besides, I think this week will be a big week for me ... come ON 132lbs.  (why not dream big? right?).

Have a great one!

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Sandy @ The Scoop on Balance said...

I just sent you an e-mail about wanting to be a part of this project.

And I'm so with you on the weight thing. I have a fitness blog, if you want to hop over and chat about stubborn pounds. I have a few we could discuss. :)