01 October 2010

[big dreams: Step One. Or it is Two?]

It's after midnight on Thursday night, and I am out-of-control tired ... but I know I won't have time tomorrow to post and I wanted to make sure I got this out ... 

For those of you who contacted me regarding the book project I am putting together, check your email *smile*.  I have sent emails to everyone who contacted me through tawnsblog@hotmail.com .  If you spoke to me, or Facebooked me, or had someone else talk to me on your behalf - please take a moment and contact me through tawnsblog@hotmail.com .  Otherwise, I scared I won't remember!

I have 14 women, possibly 15, confirmed to be involved in this project of telling their stories of loss and of hope.  I am believing for 20 women.

Not sure what this is about?  Click "big dreams" on the side panel and scroll through the blog entries for info.  

If you are interested, let me know - and I'll send you out the informative email for you and you can join this team ... I believe it's going to be powerful!!

Ok ... MUST go to bed, that is, if I can sleep *smile* ... at least I can't ever say I'm bored *GRIN*!!

Have a good one!

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