05 October 2010

[digiscrap: Fall. ]

Fall means hockey.

Hockey means my hubby is out.

My hubby being out means I have full control over the remote *grin*.

Having full control over the remote means I can digiscrap with Dateline keeping me company.

I plan on getting a whole BUNCH of digiscrapping/photo editing/finishing up RH projects this week.  I'm excited about that.  But, it being October - it just means that there are million MORE pics to take.  Thanksgiving, fieldtrips, The Pumpkin Patch, Hallowe'en ... so.  I might be able to catch up.  But then I'll be swamped yet again.

And I have a MILLION (well.  maybe nine-hundred-thousand) summer pics to digiscrap and get off of my computer ... I have high hopes for this week.  Mainly because I'm ALMOST done all my RH stuff.  Whoo hoo!!  I love my job, but I love having evenings to do my own family stuff too ...

My goal is to be totally caught up by December 1.  How great would that be, to bring in the new year being all caught up??  ( ... a large pause here as I drift into lala land, imagining having everything done and being ... wait for it ... bored.  Wow.  Not possible ... )

So ... here are a few pages.  Yeah, yeah, from SPRING -  but whatever *grin*.  

Have a great one!

click images to enlarge.

Oh this week is going to be full of such fantastic things!!!  Tell you all about it soon ...

Have a great one!!


Lily Rose said...

So nice to see more photos of my wonderful grand-children. I miss them so much....it was wonderful just to look at all these pictures. Full of memories.

cara said...

That women's gold page is AMAZING, Tawn!

Tawn said...

thanks Cara :-). was an AMAZING night!