29 October 2010

[digiscrap: More.]

I feel blah .., lazy, on edge - not myself.  The quick weather change always seems to suffocate me for some reason ... someone once said it was the change in air pressure.   Maybe it's being stuck indoors.  Maybe it's the decline in photoshoots these next two weeks; maybe it's just not taking care of myself this week ... Whatever it is - it needs to change.

I'm going to do my Jillian workout now - as I've only run once this week and I have a 5km race tomorrow.  Ugh.  Totally not motivated ... wish I could be alone on the couch watching chick-flicks and eating ice-cream out of the box (good thing I don't have any ... ).

Whatever.  Disappointed in myself this week ... not a lot to show for it.  Numbers on the scale haven't gone up ... or down.


Hi Jillian.

... and here are some more digipages ... click images to enlarge.

Have a good one *sigh* ... *wink*.

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