25 October 2010

[redhanded photography: Rourke Family]

... I feel - icky.

I woke up this morning with an ache in my arm and hand like none other.  It hurt from the bone - and I soon realized:  it was raining.  

I have a lump in my hand that I had removed about 5 years ago ... and the one lump was actually about 20 small ones.  Apparently, the joint in my hand leaks and I was told that the lump(s) would just grow back.  And they did.  

I can see it even as I sit here ... it causes me grief as I type and edit pics, and last night I played keys at the Recovery Service ... and now the rain.  So - before breakfast, I downed a couple of advil and am hoping to have a warm shower to ease the dull throbbing of it all.

Ah well.  It's November ... happens every year.

So instead of a post here (although, that kinda was one, I guess ... ), come visit my RedHanded Photography blog to see the Rourke Family session.  They are such a wonderful couple - if you know them, you know what I mean ... and if you wish, leave a comment - clients love to read lovely words about their photos *smile*.

Have a great one!

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