21 October 2010

[talk: The Chaos of Our Family Pic]

You'd think that I would have a lot of pics of my fam.  Oh - and I have a LOT of pics, but maybe only a handful with all of us together.  Specifically speaking - I'm never in them.  And you know how it is ... when kids are so young, trying to get ONE good shot is pretty much impossible.  Especially if your in control of the camera too.

SO with today being another gloriously sunny day, I decided that I needed a family pic.  Today.  

I've been editing a whackload of pics that I've taken of other families, and started pining for my own.  Why don't I use a photographer??  GOOD question.  The truth?  My hubby hates ... I mean HATES ... his pic being taken.  For him, it's a waste of time, he doesn't have the patience, and forget about anything creative ... which is funny, because he loves my digiscrapping and everything else.  With last year's "Christmas Card Photo", he said, "Baby, you have two minutes - the hockey game is on."  ... thank goodness it turned out ok.  You can see it on my side panel on the right ... the title "Fall 2009".

So today when my hubby came home from work, I quickly got the three kids ready and I set up the tripod in our back yard.  I laid out the blanket (our grass is mud this time of year),  positioned everyone,  set the timer, and ran like a crazy women before the camera clicked in the 10seconds I had.

Here's the first one ...

No good.  Let's try again.

Nope.  Again.

Oh brother.  By this time, I was SWEATING.  Running back and forth ... sheesh.  All I wanted was a family pic ... And Lu's leg - see the bandage??  He was in so much pain and was just like, "Please, let's just get this over with." ... gotta love that for a family pic.

Ok.  Let's give it another go.

Hmm.  Not bad.  But, not a "hang it up on the wall" kinda pic.  One more try.  Just to be sure.

Phewf.  So - it's far from perfect, but good ENOUGH.

So there you have it.  A photographer's quest for her own family pic.  And if only my hubby would enjoy these kinds of things - I could have a photoshoot with some of the many great photographers out there ... it would be creative, candid - we'd have individual pics of us with each child, someone else would be thinking creatively, and and and ... 

But alas - this is what will be my Christmas Card pic.

Speaking of which ... last year I had a contest, remember?  

Well, this year - there's going to be another one and the GRAND PRIZE has to do with me being behind the camera for YOUR family photo ...

For all the juicy details visit my RedHanded Photography blog HERE ... it's gonna be good!!

And hey.  Have a good one *wink*.


Shawna said...

ahhh, that's so how it goes in my house too...just never post the "not perfect" shots ;) I think the two last ones are GREAT!!! Love Siah's expression in the second to last one - so him!

alisa said...

love it! the realities of trying to get a family shot with young kids...i can just imagine the sweating after running back and forth a few times, all in the name of looking relaxed and carefree! that's a great shot you ended up with.