09 November 2010

[digiscrap: Hack Hack.]

*hack hack cough cough*

Yup.  Sick.

BUT - the best thing about being sick this year??  MEDICINE.  Oh, you may laugh - but this is the first time in SIX years that I've been able to take cough medicine!!  Whoo hooo!!  Having babies, can make winter time really, really horrible ... but not this year.  This year - I shall NeoCitron myself and Buckleys myself and Tylenol Sinus myself if I need to.

Ahhh.  What freedom *grin*.

... on another note, the WINNER from my "Loony Shoots" contest over on my RedHanded Photography blog has been revealed.  Click HERE to check out the winning "ghastly" photo.  Made.  Me.   Laugh.

And ... more pages.

I have done close to 60 pages in the last two weeks, and that's felt so great.  Those photos and memories are no longer hanging over me ... Pics from last year, pics from this year - it's all a mix-mash.  BUT - they are all printed and in their rightful book now ... feels good.

Ok ... that's about it for now *hack hack* ... oh, and no working out for me *sigh*.  It's been almost a week and I feel like a bloated heifer.  But my lungs won't let my heart rate go up, so, instead I'm drinking ginger green tea and am thankful there isn't any more Halloween candy in the house for me to gorge on.

I'm not weighing myself.  *cough*.  The scale can wait until next week.  

Yes.  I am in denial.

Alrightee ... enough already.

Have a great one *grin*!

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Shawna said...

Beautiful digi scrap pages! Thanks for the inspiration ;)