03 November 2010

[digiscrap: Feels Good.]

So.   In the last 3 nights, I have done 30+ digiscrap pages.  I will admit that the creativity is lacking - at this point it's just been about getting it DONE, not how good it looks.  As of last night, I am now up to September 2010 - so Siah's first day of preschool, pumpkin patches and Halloween are next.

Well.  That's not entirely true ... 

See - when I upload my pics from my camera, they go into directly into my editing program (Lightroom).  Then, I edit the pics ... and they can sit there for months (like the 1400 pics I have from the family group trip we all took in August).  After they're edited, I export them to a file called "Lightroom Moves" and the year (ie Lightroom Moves 2010).  And the truth is, is that I am up-to-date in THAT file with scrapping ... but there are still pics in my Lightroom 2009.  But - here's the thing - they are pictures that I don't really care about *gasp*.  I may just delete them ... and start fresh.  To be up-to-date would be glorious.

If you're a scrapper - and are feeling overwhelmed - I HIGHLY recommend learning the digiscrap method.  It's fast, no mess, you don't run out of supplies, and the pages are FLAT.  It's more than half the cost too (each printed page is $2.99 at Costco ... that's pics, "papers" and "embellishments").  The downside?  Well - you have to back them up (if you want), you have to save them as a photoshop file and jpeg file ... but, that's about it.


Here are a few pages that I finished BEFORE the 30page stint.  Yup.  Lots of pages to put up.  Just preparing you ... 

Have a great one!

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