25 January 2011

[redhanded photography: Benjamin]

My new site's not up yet.  Getting frustrated ... but that's just the way the tech-y world goes.  I'm waiting - like a kid on Christmas morning and my gift is wrapped in duct tape.  I want to rip it open, and instead it's a painful game of waiting ...

The hard thing, is that the longer it's not up - the more fiddling I do.  And then I start second guessing myself ... what if it isn't good enough?  What if I think it's cool and others think it's lame??

Nope.  I won't go there ... I like it - and I think that you will too.

But for now, another photoshoot with 9month old Benjamin was SUCH a fun shoot.  You gotta check it out by clicking HERE .

Here's a preview of this little man ...

See what I mean??

Have a great one!

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