26 January 2011

[redhanded photography: The Pressure Pt2.]


I'm back from my run ... 5km.  And I'm not posting my time because ... because it sucked *grin*.  BUT I am very happy that I did it ... and hoping that the rain holds off - at least every other day - so I can get outside and run ... run, run, run.

As I was running, listening to some incredible worship music, I knew I would have to come back and post - again.  Because after km #3, I already felt victory.  The music touched my soul, the wind cleared my head and the sweat - man, it feels good to sweat.

I realized that I can't take a break from taking care of myself.  And I mean that in a physical, spiritual, mental sort of way.  I can feel defeat when I'm not clear-headed ... and for me, that comes from not eating right, exercising and sleeping well.

These last few weeks I have been super-ty-dooper-ty busy ... too many eggs in too many baskets.  And the first thing to go?  Me.  Then what happens?  I get sick.  Which means I'm too tired to do what I need to - take care of myself.

I'm thankful that God's mercies are new every morning ... that I can start over again.  And fail again.  And start over again and again.   I also love how He takes the time to remind me of these things.  When I ask, He is faithful to answer.

So - do I feel all those things I felt a few hours ago?  Um ... a little.  But not as much *wink*.

And Mary?  Your comment was so life-giving ... thank you *smile*.  (Mary's a past piano student of mine when she was in elementary and highschool ... and I just adore her.)

If you were like me this morning - feeling inadequate, irrelevant, overwhelmed ... stop, offer up a prayer and take a moment to make sure that you're taking care of yourself.

Have a great one!!!

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Shawna said...

amazing how you are able to wake up on the right side, by simply taking some time for God and yourself...feeding your soul!