14 February 2011

[organize: Spring Cleanup.]

Ok ... before I start ... I'm desperate for spring, thus the new header and spring-y feel for this blog.  At least I can create some "rain free" space on here - even though it's pouring rain outside.    AND - while I'm at it - let me wish you the merriest of Valentine's Day ... a day where we get to tell the people we love, that we love them can't be a bad thing *smile*.  Although, I think that holidays that segregate people and make some feel lonely are lame.  I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day ... but I'll wish you a good one anyways *wink*.

Alright ... now.  On to what I wanted to write about ...

I hate chaos.

I mean .... HAAAAATE it.

For me, living in choas brings my brain to chaos.  I can always tell how my mind and insides are doing when I look at what my space around me.  Craziness inside = craziness outside.

Like, my van.  Oh I hate my van.  I do.  I want a jeep.  I've always wanted a jeep.  And now I'm too old to drive one without people going, "hey - that lady thinks she can drive a jeep.  Someone should tell her that she's not 18. Or 25.  Or 30."  *grin*

But that's another post all together.

Here's the thing ... my van gets messy.  MEH-SEE.  Kid's papers and toys and wrappers and coats and snacks and coins and and and ... makes me CRAZY.  So - every week, I clean it out.  Seriously.  And when it's clean, I am happy.  For those two minutes.

Same with my house ... I just finished cleaning out my mudroom/laundryroom and it's like I lost 10lbs.  I then cleaned out the coat closet and I felt like I lost another 10lbs.  So ... chaos and things not in their right place ... they have to go.

And - as  bonus - I find that when my house gets cluttered with junk, by body gets cluttered with junk.  When I deal with the crap and toss away/give away/ donate ... my house and body both lose weight.  At least that's what I've found ... 

So.  Bring ON the spring cleaning - even though I realistically know that things only stay clean and tidy for a short time *boo*.  Here's my list for this week.  It's not everything - but it's a start.

Monday:   all bathroom drawers and cupboards (bandaid wrappers, half-used-travel-sized containers, bobbypins ... you name it:  wiped out and gone.)
Tuesday:  Katia's clothes (it's time again ... bring out the next size, and donate the old one ...)
Wednesday:  tupperware cabinets, baking drawers (so.much.stuff.)
Thursday:  Mattias and Josiah's closets (it's amazing what decides to live in there ...)
Friday: the grand finale ... downstairs.  Toys.  Toys.  Toys.  We are making 3 piles:  home, grandparents and donate.  I am hoping to downsize what's down there by 50%.  It's CHAOS down there.  One million toy cars and three million race track pieces and five million building blocks and twenty-five million bits and pieces of broken junk.  GONE.

That's this week ... And I think I'll go around with a garbage bag or box and just randomly put things in it too to donate.  We have collected over the fall and winter ... and I'm going crazy.

Anyone else feel the same???   Hmmm ... maybe I'm the only one.   And I think that if my house loses 25lb, I could physically lose the last 7lbs that I need to.  Here's to hoping.

Have a great one!


Gizelle said...

I'm SO with you! Thank you for the inspiration! Good luck:)

Shawna said...

You are a hoot!!!!

Lisa B. said...

You're speakin' my language lady. I amazed every Tuesday at the garbage I put out, and yet, somehow the house still has stuff in it!
I have donated so much to Sally Anne they guy KNOWS ME and asks if I'm "done yet!" Oh man...