09 March 2011

[big dreams: Am I on Candid Camera?]

Have you ever seen that show, "Candid Camera"?  It's that show where people are put into ridiculous circumstances, only to be told that they're being filmed and the situation is a big hoax.

Well - I don't really feel like my life is an episode of Candid Camera, but I'm still spinning from the events of this last weekend.  And I thought I'd give you a little update on what's been going on since then ... 

So - Sunday was a normal Sunday.  Church in the morning, family over for lunch, and a great time at the Recovery Service in the evening.  Monday - was a full day ... but once the kiddies were in bed, and my hubby was off to his hockey game, I headed downstairs with my laptop and stared at the piano.

"Where do I start?" I thought.

I have a few ideas about different songs that I feel are living inside of me.  They're all God-songs ... but I have a couple of "themes" that I feel my songs should be about.

I put my hands on the piano, took a deep breath, and ... just started playing.

After about an hour, I had a good start on a song - well - musically.  No melody or lyrics yet.  I turned on my laptop, recorded what I created (if I walk away for a few minutes, I always fear everything I created will vanish) - and it felt ... good.

It's a little bit sad because I'm away from my piano for a bit - but I have the recording ... so while I can't actually perfect it musically, I'm going to try and set some time aside to figure out what the song is about, working on lyrics and a melody.

I'm excited.

So why the title, "Am I on Candid Camera?"

Well ... after I worked on my songwriting, I came upstairs, my hubby came home - and I got a FB message from the guy at the show.  The one who asked me how my music was coming along.  He wrote me.  Me.  He said he wants to hear what I'm working on ... I was giddy.

And then, literally minutes later, I got a twitter from another wonderful worship-leader friend - and he wrote, "hey - we should get together and do songs.  it would be gold."  Or something like that.  

Two songwriters, connecting with me.  ME.

Where's the camera???  ** looking over my shoulder **

Have a great one!

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