10 March 2011

[digiscrap: Lotsa Pages ... and Some Venting.]

Last night I headed to HandM with my friend.  

We're away right now, in sunny Phoenix, and I had a goal to be a certain "number" by the time I was down here.  I hate it when I think I'm slimmer than I am, go and pick out some cute things to try on, only to be completed gutted that nothing does up.  Seriously ... and don't just say, "get a bigger size" because that, in itself, is enough to make a grown woman cry.  Can I hear an "amen"??

So - this morning I ran my 5km, had a shake for breakfast and now intend on swimming and sunning the day away with my kiddies while snacking on almonds and blueberries.   If I don't get my body back soon, I just may eat my way to happiness.  Which will make me very unhappy.  You know how it goes ... 

And I'm trying to decide WHY one day I can feel super lovely, and then next - like a heifer.  Who decides this??  The mirror?  The scale?  My clothes??  I hate it ... in heaven my image of myself will be healthy and I will be happy.  

Enough of that.

So.  I am trying REALLY hard to get all the pics from 2009/2010 off of my computer.  They're all backed up - I just need to digiscrap them.  Last night, 6pages done.  I have about a million to go - BUT I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Deleting files of images makes me so happy.  It's like purging for the computer *grin* .... 

Double click the images to enlarge.

And you know the routine ... have a great one!!


Shawna said...

Great digi scrap pages - love seeing them and glad that you keep up with it!

PS. your body rock and we all feel the way you do sometimes...clothes are from Satan (and if you think I'm kidding, read Genesis again ;)

jamiedelaine said...

you're beautiful. shhh.

Tawn said...

Xx ... appreciate it beautiful ladies :-).

Yin said...

Oh what great layouts as usual, and so many, you're profilic! Especially Trying to get a Christmas Picture - so cute, your kids are hilarious, I can't do it with two, with three is is surely impossible! Will grab some for my blog soon! :)