14 March 2011

[digiscrap: Keep 'Em Comin'.]

In the last 5 days, I have done 28pages of scrapbooking.  All while the kids were in bed - all on my MAC laptop, all while enjoying the company of others.

Man.  I love digiscrapping.

These pages I'm showing were done before I even left ... I am actually running out of 2010 images to do!!  WOW.  And I've finished all the "Renovations 2009" pages (I'll post those soon) and - drumroll please - I started the "DiSchmoodynoovan Disneyworld/Cruise 2010" pages.  Six pages done, and about 80 more to go.

I know my mom will be happy to read that *grin*.

What else?  So much - but not enough time to type it all ... getting the marinated chicken ready for the BBQ, the potatoes/onions/carrots baking in a hot oven ... salad tossed, lemonade stirred.  It's a lovely evening for an outside dinner in the sunshine here ... 

Obviously - I'm not at home *wink*.

Have a great one!!

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