11 March 2011

[cool products: Nike Free]

Guess what I got??

Can't guess?  Really?  Gotchu stumped??  *grin*

Yup ... I got myself a pair of Nike Free runners while I've been down here in the US.  Such a great price - and I was so excited to give them a try this morning.  The aren't exactly like this pic ... mine have orange laces and swoosh ... and mine are more light grey than dark ... but you get the idea.

See - these are supposed to mimic running barefoot ... why?  Because the fastest athletes all run barefoot in the beginning, apparently.  I didn't know that ... but hey - I'm not a running genius or anything.

The Nike-guy made sure they fit  - and they actually feel a little like socks.  Strange.  There is no "tongue", it's all one piece ... and the laces simply secure the foot in more.

I gave it a try on the Nike treadmill ... in a skirt.  It wasn't pretty - but I couldn't believe how light my feet felt.  They are aptly named at "free".

I was told that I needed to be careful on my first series of runs in the Frees.  Apparently, you're supposed to switch between the Frees, and your other running shoes.  The idea is that you are strengthening different muscles in your legs and rear ... muscles that aren't used in regular running shoes.

At least, that's what he told me.

So this morning, I got all ready for my run.  I stretched, and planned on running only 2km ... it wasn't a "run day" today - so even though I haven't run less than 5km in months and months, I gave myself a break.  It was better than not running, right?  And I didn't want to be sore for my regular run tomorrow.

I ran.

And it .was. crazy.

I ran 6.07/km ... not sure if the speed was due to the shoes, or to the fact that I knew I wasn't going to be running far.  My entire run was under 13minutes *laughing*.  Kinda silly.

How do I feel now, hours later?  Totally fine.  I wonder if I'll be sore tomorrow??  Maybe.  I am CERTAIN that I was forced to use different muscles ... I can feel that.  But I'm kinda excited about maybe increasing my endurance by switching it up ... 

SO.   That's it.  New runners ... maybe making me a better runner.  And I really like the thought of that.

Tonight ... we're off for a grown-up evening to a Japanese Steakhouse.  I bought a short, navy strapless dress - and am excited to get all pretty-ed up for the night ... a bit of sun on my skin has made me feel ... better. *smile*.

I hope - wherever you are - that your night is full of new memories and laughter.  And - I do want to add - that I don't understand why life can feel lovely at times for some, while others are losing their loved ones in earthquakes and tsunamis.  It doesn't seem fair ... it isn't fair.  

So to all of you  - I wish you a really wonderful day ... have a great one. Xx.

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