02 March 2011

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I love to debrief by writing ... so you'll have to excuse me if I'm all over the place these days.   Some moments are glorious, some are so amazingly difficult ... man.  I love living - even during the junk.

Last night I led worship at our church's Women's Missions banquet.  It was me - on my own ... and a gym full of women sitting at perfectly manicured tables.  I find leading at these types of things tricky ... most times, people don't come prepared to worship - and I am learning more and more that when you come expecting, things happen.  When you don't - it makes it just that more difficult.

But - it was good ... I'm thankful to be a part of a group of incredible women who are full of encouragement and integrity.  Really.  They're that great.

The speaker last night was Marilyn Skinner.  Man.  Does she make me exhausted just watching her.  She was so full of energy - and her stories ... her REAL life stories of God's protection and God's provision.  Of how He gives her ideas - incredible, massive ideas -  and I found myself so in awe of all that she does.

And something she said really resinated with me ... she said, "Strength is for serving, not for status."  Wow.  We live in a world where status is everywhere ... what an incredible thought to think that a woman can use that strength to serve - and in that, shows true strength.  The reality is - it's an overwhelming thing to think of what we ALL could do - and how little we really do.  

I'm not wanting to beat myself up for all my short comings - I'd be here all day - ... and I know that the people in my life that I touch are important to me and important to God.  The hurt here in my neighbourhood is very real ... but I feel like there is so much more.  I am proud to be a part of a generation who's passionate about the broken and hungry ... the orphan and the widow.  Seeing what one woman can do - and how she leads and inspires - makes me ache to do the same.

Not sure what that looks like *grin*.  Not sure what a LOT of things look like these days ... but He knows my heart.  I'm just trusting in that ... 

ANYWAYS ... it wouldn't be a true post if I didn't have a "on another note" ... so.  Here are a few digipages that I am now able to upload.  Double click the images to enlarge ... 

So.  I'm curious ... what inspires you?  What motivates you?  What discourages you?  Do you have big dreams - are you walking in that?  Are you waiting, like most of us, to see what's around the corner?  Although I love sharing with you about my "stuff" ... would love to know about yours :-) ... 

Have a great one ... really.  Truly.  A GREAT one.

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