03 March 2011

[invisaline: The Bottomless Pit]

I like having a purpose in my day ... crossing things off of my list, being productive, feeling like I haven't wasted time.  Oh, don't get me wrong - I can be a the champion procrastinator too ... just because I cross things off of my list, doesn't mean that the things I SHOULD be doing even made the list *grin*.

My boys are at school, Katia is napping ... and now I have some time.  What do I like doing so so much?  Writing on my blog ... so, here I am.  And the list stays uncrossed-off right beside me *grin* ... 

I had an ortho appointment this morning.  And gotta say - a wee bit frustrated.  If you know anything about invisaline, you get a set of trays, you were them for 2 weeks, then you move to the next set of trays ... and so on and so on.  

I've been doing this for 2 years now,  no - wait, longer than that .., and I am supposed to be doing my "refinements".  For me, this translated to : almost done.

My last set of trays were a series of 9 (which equals 18weeks).  I finished those around New Years, and I thought that when I went today, the ortho-dude would say, " ... we have 3 more trays in your final set. It's the home-stretch!!"  

But no.



Twenty-six more weeks of bumps on my teeth and all the stuff that I really want to be over with.  THEN - get this - he breaks out his little filing machine and says he needs to create spacing (millimetre spacing, but STILL) ... and off he goes, filing spacing so that my teeth have room to go where he's like them to.

So.  Now ... I have a couple of strange "spaces" (hairline, but STILL) that probably won't be unnoticeable until tray number 12. 

See ... originally, the ortho-dude wanted to break my jaw, wire it shut for 2 weeks, and then line up my top and bottom.  I said no chance on that ... they don't have to be perfectly-perfect.  There is no modeling career happening *laughing* ... So, now that I didn't do that, he's moving them over with more and more trays.  He's a bit of a perfectionist, it seems.

ANYway - I guess that I'll be happy with the end result.  I was always so self conscious of my smile - my teeth - so once these bumps are removed (the bumps are there to hold the trays in place), I can't wait to smile, smile, smile.

Twenty-six weeks ... ugh.

I feel like I'm 17, hoping to have my braces off for prom.

There is no prom.

Just clarifying on that  ... *grin*

Have a great one!


Jamie said...

at least it is shorter then being pregnant!!!

Danica said...

I had invisalign for a while... I completely understand your frustration! But once you're done its so nice to know your teeth are straight (as long as you keep wearing your retainers... something I'm not so good at). It'll all be worth it in the end!