05 March 2011

[make: WHY I Make Ice Cream & Coconut Ice Cream made with Almond Milk]

We make a lot of ice cream around here.  Well - let's change that.  I make a lot of ice cream around here.  For me, you just can't compare it to store bought.  

Here's why I chose to invest in a machine ( ... it runs about $99.00CDN at Sears.  I have the Cuisine Art one.  It's stainless steel and sharp lookin'.):

1.  I know what's in it, plain and simple.  
2.  I can control the sugar and fat content.
3.  It allows me to be creative - experimenting with flavour combinations and sugar products (cane sugar, agave nectar, splenda, honey ...).
4.  There are never any left overs - I make enough for 1 serving each for our family ... and then it's gone.  There's no waste, no throwing money down the drain.
5.  I don't snack on it ... because there are no left overs, I'm not tempted to scarf down spoonfuls during the day.
6.  Store bought icecream is expensive ... I can make homemade for less than half the cost, depending on the ingredients.


There you have it ... 

Now - last night we had company over (big surprise *grin*), and they both had sensitivities to dairy.  Hmmm.  So - my hubby booted up to the grocery store and bought a 2litre Almond Milk (for about $4.00CDN).  I know that dairy-free ice cream is really expensive - so this is a steal.

I decided to try something else that I've done before ... coconut milk.  I had a tin of it ... and here's how I made my first "Coconut Ice Cream with Almond Milk".

Coconut Ice Cream with Almond Milk

1 tin of coconut milk
3 cups of almond milk
1/4 cup cane sugar
1 tbsp vanilla


Place all ingredients in a blender ... blend.  Then pour into the ice cream maker and follow ice cream maker instructions.

THAT'S it.  And in about 30minutes, fresh ice cream.

Was it good?  My hubby LOVED it ... it had a great consistency because of the coconut milk.  It wasn't super sweet, so I could up the sugar next time if I wanted.  I also like smooth ice cream, but you could easily toast some coconut in a small frying pan and dump that in during the ice cream churning process.  Also - eggs can really make ice cream rich and custard-like.  BUT that would've ruined the whole "non dairy" thing ... and you must cook the mixture first if you have eggs in it.  So it's more time consuming. 

So ... it was all eaten, all gone, no leftovers.  

I'd say it was a hit.

Have a great one!!  


jamiedelaine said...

sounds great! i'm dairy sensitive too. you could have added eggs though? those aren't dairy!

Tawn said...

:-) ... yes. Eggs are in the dairy section, so I just figured ... *grin*. I don't have food sensitivities - so not really sure what's considered what out there. Whatever the case, no egg = faster ice cream. And faster ice-cream makes me happy!! I've gotten a lot of FB messages about this post - seems as though a lot of people are looking for dairy-free recipes. This is a good one :-) ...

Lisa B. said...

Just a FYI..Almond milk in the USA is half the price of up here!
I use it for a couple members of my family so I am always scoping out the deals.

We have the same Cuisinart ice cream machine _ got it as a gift so we could do exactly what you're doing, make our own ice cream and control the milk (or non milk)ingredients that go into it.

Haven't used it in a while, but after your post I am inspired to pull it out again! Thanks for the inspiration :-)