01 April 2011

[redhandedphotography: Grandma Hannah & Granddaughter Adrienne.]

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments yesterday ... I actually found myself coming back and rereading my "You're Beautiful" post - trying to take my own words to heart.  I love when an idea for a post comes together - I had been thinking about it for weeks now - and then, with meeting Grandma Hannah - it just worked out to be perfect timing.

And I loved this photoshoot ...

You can see a million more photos, along with a little write-up, at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE.

On another front - my life has been busy.  Musically, busy - if that makes any sense.  I'm leading worship at our church's Recovery Service this Sunday night, leading at the Elevate Conference next Friday night and Saturday/night and then also leading again next Sunday morning at our church.  So - there'll also be a band practice Tuesday night for the conference, and a Thursday night practice for Sunday morning.  WOW.  It's either all or nothing, it seems *laughing* ... because after that - I'm not on until May.  

OH.  And ... the scale was nice to me this morning ... I know, I know, I shouldn't weigh myself.  But I do.  Every morning.  For me, it helps me be accountable.  And yes, it is also a discourager at times ... I know of people who say, "throw the scale away ... numbers don't matter."  Well.  I'm old school.  For me, it matters.  And the numbers on the measuring tape matter too.

So eventhough it's not a Monday morning weigh-in ... today's weight was:  131.4lbs - I was this a few weeks ago, but it's the lowest I've been (along with that date) - down 2lbs this week.  I'm so close to the 120's, I can taste it.  But here's the really exciting part for me ... my waist:  29.3".   I wish that I had blogged my numbers when I did the "Biggest Loser" before I had Katia.  I didn't, because it was a competition and I didn't want my competitors knowing how I was doing.  But I THINK that I'm actually almost pre-preggo-post-Biggest-Loser.  I know that I weighed in at 130lbs, but I don't know what my inches were.  I know that I'm stronger, and more fit  now than I was then.  

Yesterday I ran my 5km, taking off 25 seconds off from my last run ... tomorrow will be my long run - at least 8km - weather permitting.  Haven't done that in a few weeks ... it's time to not just worry about breaking 30min on my 5km (which, let's be honest, is practically an impossibility for me considering I'm huffing it at 32:23).  And today?  Jillian's Shred level 3.  It has me in the plank stage for almost half of it ... but I think that it's tightening up all the loose stuff on me :-).

What else?

I've got a lot of projects that I'm still working on ... for those of you who think I've forgotten - I have not.  The book of collective stories about the experience of losing a child is still in the works.  I need to email all of you who have contributed to let you know that ... so sorry that I haven't.  But it's being worked on - it's just taking longer than I had thought.  I'll post more on that soon.  

I've also almost completed all of the digiscrapping from the family cruise that I went on this past August with the 26 of us.  It's been so fun reliving it all, remembering funny stories - and choosing which of the bazillion images are going to go into the digiscrap album.  As of last night, I've done over 30+pages.  And I have about eight more to go ... my mom will be happy to read that *grin*.  She loves getting her own printed copy of my digialbums.  Soon, mom ... soon!

Then there's RHP ... I'm meeting with another wedding client today.  Oh - and there's a birthday party tonight that I'm looking forward to.  Um, what else ... well, I haven't been songwriting in the last couple of weeks.  I was working on before going away and I like what it's sounding like so much that I'm scared to write lyrics and mess it up ... for me, once I have lyrics, it's hard to change it ... and I want it to be perfect (fat chance).  

Hmmm.  I guess that's it?

Wow.  What mish-mash post. 

I liked yesterday's better.

Ah well.

Have a great one!!  And don't forget to visit my RedHanded Photography blog ... and leave a comment if you do.  Would love to hear from you *wink*.

Have a great one!

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