25 April 2011

[redhandedphotography: Kin & Kristy's Wedding ... Part I]

Ok.  No deep, mind-blowing posts today.  I gave all I had last week *wink*.

Today - a few of my efforts are up in a blogpost on my RedHanded Photography blog.  I should add - I'd love you to "join" as a follower of that blog ... it helps me not have to double up on everything!!  So - if you're a follower of this one, why not join the RHP one too ... 

And if you're not a follower of this one, and you actually do follow (are you catching this?) - why not become a follower?  Would love to have you ... yup.


Come visit my RedHanded Photography blog to view the entire post ... well.  Part I of it *grin*.  

I hope it's ok that I'm in love with this wedding ... kinda makes me wish that I could do mine all over again ... things sure change in 12 years.  But I guess that being able to do wedding photography helps ease the "awe man, I wish I could ... "

Oh wow ... maybe that would be a fun post.  "... if he asked me for the first time today, what would my wedding day look like ... "

Um.  Why am I getting excited???  *laughing*.  I'm such a girl.

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Rishana said...

Love these pics, especially the one with the bride in the car, my personal fave:)