18 April 2011

[talk: Some Things Are Unsaid.]

I found this digiscrap post in my filing drawer - and realized that I had failed to post it.  Oops.  Oh well - here are some pages that I did a while back, in all of their glory *wink*.  Double click the images to enlarge.

So ... it's been a few days since I posted.  I've had a lot on my mind ... and although my blog is a place where I like to put my thoughts down, sometimes I need to just keep things to myself *grin*.  You know what I mean?  Sure - maybe the invisible blogging world would be highly entertained by my battles, my disappointment in people, my ridiculous tales of conversations with friends.  But I just don't think that's the wisest thing for me *smile* ... 

But - here's the thing.  I think it is so important to be careful what you write.  Oh sure - I tell a little here and there - but I certainly don't tell everything.  There are some things - a lot of things - that are really no one's business.  Just because I choose to blog, doesn't mean that I can't use my brain and omit things.    I guess that although I want to be fairly transparent here - you need to know that you don't know everything *wink*.  Sometimes, I actually have things in code *evil smirk* ... really.   So when I look back and read, it'll trigger what was actually going on in my life.

I remember my mom saying something to me many years ago, when she found out I journaled.  She told me to be careful what I put pen to paper about ... because if something should ever happen to me and someone read those words - I wouldn't be there to explain or interpret what I wrote.   It could be really damaging - even if it was done completely unintentionally.   Even if what I wrote was truth ... sometimes it's better to just not write things down.

The last thing you'd want your child to read after you passed, is what you really thought of your husband when he forgot your anniversary for the third time *wink*.

I think it goes back to "intention" for me.  I actually reread my post on that last night ... and it was a good reminder for me.  I actually had forgotten about that word (oops) ... and as I continue to blog and post and do the things that I do in the day ... I'm going to try and remember to ask myself WHY I'm doing what I'm doing, why I'm writing what I'm writing, why I'm thinking what I'm thinking ... 

I'm going to take time to mull this over some more as I go for my long run today ... which - I have to say - is going to be a big mental thing for me.  My legs are aching to run (literally) - but it looks so cold and icky ... I'd rather sit on the couch and drink tea.   I'm glad that I have a little network of friends that I've been trying to be accountable to ... they know that I'm wanting to go 14km today.  Eek.  14km.  I'm sure they'll ask ... and I don't like to say something and not follow through.

Better start stretching ... 

Have a great one *smile*.