27 May 2011

[redhandedphotography: Alice and Jayda.]

I literally have no time to be doing this ... eek.

My to-do list is out of control today, and I have so much to cross off before heading out of town with our family for my hubby's business meetings ... packing for all of us, finishing up the banking, reconciling accounts, sending clients photo emails, blogging ... ack.  

But I DID want to send you this link to my latest blogpost ... there are going to be a LOT of them over the next week.  I've done so many shoots, my head is spinning.

And that's a good thing, right :-).


Ok ... a preview ...

Go to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE to see the rest ... feel free to leave a comment.   Always feels nice when you do :-) ... 

Have a GREAT one!!

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