23 May 2011

[biggest loser: CalorieKing.]

It's a holiday today ... and here I am blogging *grin*.  

Last week was a good week ... I ran a lot - with running the seawall being a massive highlight - , have been so blessed with a lot of photography work (including a wedding on Saturday, another family shoot today, and a maternity one tomorrow ... phewf!) ... I led worship at our home church yesterday morning, and I so, so enjoy being a part of the music department there ...

The Canucks have been making us proud ... can't WAIT to go to the game tomorrow night on a date with my hubby ... 

And I'm up on the scale.  Like, not just a little bit ... I'm up almost 5lbs this week.  I weighed myself this morning (I have NOT been a slave to the scale as of late, but weighing myself once a week I think is fair ... ) ... and I was 136.2lbs.


A friend said to me last night that I gained 5lbs of muscle with all the running I did *laughing*.  Sorry, MR, you're a good guy - but preeeeetty sure that's not possible.  Pretty sure that I just haven't stopped eating all week.  Working out so much makes me hungry.  Like, crazy hungry.  

At the wedding on Saturday, I met a girl who's a personal trainer.  When my shoot was over, I asked her about my running and the tire around my waist and she looked at me and cocked her head, "... oh, sweetie," she said.  "I'm sorry.  Belly fat ... it's all food."


She went on to tell me that even though I'm working out 5x a week, I can't just eat whatever I want.  Well ... I can if I want to maintain ... and she also said that my weight-gain is most likely water retention from my *cough* cycle ... Wow.  She was bang on there.

She told me that if I was serious about getting lean, to cut sugar and count calories.  And do some math - I need carbs for my exercising, but I don't need as much as I probably think I do.  She talked about slow burning foods and eating every 2-3hrs.

I've heard bits and pieces of this - but then she suggested something called "Calorie King".  It's a website that offers a free trial and the option of downloading a $45.00 program to basically be your food/exercise journal.  It does all the math, plus it allows you to input special foods (like protein shakes etc ... ).

I'm thinking this will help me with what I'm actually eating.  You know - you munch on this and munch on that ... and you realllllly don't know what you're consuming.  At least, that's how it is for me.  So we shall see, we shall see ... 

After my photoshoot today, I came home and let my hubby head to the gym while I put on a 50 minute Jillian DVD with my boys (Katia was napping ...).  I love watching them trying to copy the squats and curls.  Got a good sweat on ... my arms are burning hours later.

So.  I'm ready for some BBQ hamburgers tonight ... I've been watching everything I've eaten today - and I got some room to enjoy a yummy supper, according to what I'm "allowed" to consume.


Organization always excites me ... 


Must go ... 

Have a great one!!


Nickie said...

Another good one is myfitnesspal and they have a great iPhone app. Best of all they are free! I actually like their site better than calorie king.

Patti said...

My fitness pal is what I use to count calories (on my iPhone) too. I really enjoy it. So easy to use!

alisa said...

i love myfitnesspal too! when i do it! am not always in the mood to track everything, but it works really well when you use it!