30 May 2011

[talk: Sick.]

I haven't been sick in a while ... and I'm definitely not a "throwing-up" kind of sick person.  I'm a migraine-y, muscles hurt, every-thing-goes-through-me, kind of a sick person.

So when I get sick, I really feel it.

This past weekend we headed to Harrison Hot Springs for my hubby's annual business meetings.  It's a two-day getaway that we do with the whole family, and something that we really look forward to.  But this year, the first one in the 17 years we've been coming up here (my family has been coming here long before I was even married), I was SICK.  Like, throw a blanket over me and leave me alone, sick.

I hated it.

My hubby was amazing - he let me rest, guilt-free ... and our kids ended up building sand castles at the beach, and swimming in the hot pools.  They had special lunches, and time with their cousins.

And I was in bed.  My body ached ... and my lonely camera ached from it's lack of picture taking too.

The good thing was that although it was a drag - it was a good time (if ever) to be sick.  My hubby and family were there the whole time, and they allowed me to just ... rest.

So.  Not quite the perfect family weekend away, but still very blessed to have had the time that we did.  And our kids had a fantastic time ... 

I woke up this morning, curious as to my weigh-in.  I've been using "my fitness pal" this past week after so many recommendations.  I LOVE it ... it's been helping, a whole lot.  I really had no idea how many calories I had been consuming - mainly because I was just so stinkin' hungry from all the running I've been doing.  Having to count them has been an eye-opener.  And yes, I was sick these past 3 days, so that counts for something too (water loss, which will be gained back for sure). 

But today's weight?  131.4lbs.  Down 5lbs from last Monday.  Literally.  So, some of it was deliberate, hard work.  I did Jillian 3x, ran 10km, did "my fitness pal" for calorie intake ... and then had the bonus of a few days of ick *wink*.

So - I'm going to treat this like a jump-start.  If I continue using MFP and exercising (although, today I'm still pretty weak and think I'll stick to drawing and playing playdough with Katia and Josiah ... ), I just might see the goal of my 120's soon. 

No rush.

For now, I'm praying over our home - that no one else gets the dreaded sickness I had - and am thankful that we're heading to my in-laws for dinner tonight (my Italian mother-in-law knows how to make a mean lasagna ...) so I don't have to worry about what I'm going to make, and crossing off my RHP to-do list.  


Grumbling tummy.  Yuck.

Maybe I'll just sit, sip some tea and cuddle the kids while watching Jungle Junction instead ...

I wish you a great one, and that your home stays healthy! 

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Caroline said...

Being sick is no fun. Praying that you feel better soon and that no one else gets it ;0)