20 May 2011

[talk: Catching Up.]

You can tell the sun's been out ... I haven't been blogging.

You can tell the sun's been out ... because everyone has now decided they need to get their pics taken *laughing* ... 

In 9 days, I will have had 5 photoshoots plus two weddings.  So.  7 photoshoots.  That's insane. Really ... I'm staying on top of things - but man, I'm going cross eyed with images and sorting and editing and burning and labelling and invoicing and delivering.

I love it :-).

Aside from work being insane - life has been really great around here.  I ran the seawall (a total highlight of my week), the kids and I have been bike riding and trampoline jumping ... we've been BBQing and going for family walks to Coldstone.  My hubby took the boys to the driving range, I had a worship practice for Sunday morning - which is something that really breathes life in me - ... it's been a really excellent week.

Oh.  I weighed myself this morning (for the first time in 5 days).

It was up.

I didn't care.

I've done a lot of exercising this week, a lot of yummy, healthy eating ... the numbers can stuff it.


The sunshine really does just make everything better ... 

Oh ... I have the most CRAZY story on my RedHanded Photography blog.  You gotta go and check out "Engagement: Mat and Angela" ... 

Ok ... BIG Canucks game on tonight ... a wedding shoot tomorrow ... leading worship Sunday morning ... so I'm looking forward to a family day on Monday!!  Here's to keepin' this weather around!

Have a great one!

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