01 June 2011

[cool products: Strobe Light ... Twinkle Toes.]

Is anyone else finding that finding something new and original is almost impossible?  I mean, unless you're Lady Gaga and have some sort of creative genius that pretty much crosses the "normal" line into insanity?  It seems like it's all been done ... and it pretty much has.  No?

I love finding unique things ... but I'm not a big "vintage" girl, and I also don't want to look like a walking-mid-life-crisis either.  So, I try and find one thing to add to what I'm wearing that's ... different.

Like ... I have a pair of apple-green flats - but they're not "plain".  They have cool gathering and stitching, and I love them ... they add whimsy to the blah and mundane.  And I bought a couple of pairs of feather earrings from Etsy a while back.  I LOVE them ... but they don't go with everything.  I love Etsy for finding small, original pieces ...  and I love MAC for bold eye colours too ... but that's a different post *grin*.

Ok.  I've gotten a bit side-tracked here ( ... it's been a while since I did a fun post) - and what I really wanted to show you my latest love.  It's called "Strobe Light" and it's by Sally Hansen.  Here are some other reviews of it (apparently it's like "teenage dream" from OPI.  Uh oh.  There goes the not-looking-like-a-walking-mid-life-crisis ... *grin*).

You're thinking ... "... it's sparkly nail polish.  Whoop-ti-do."

Well ... I've discovered that if I apply a good 8-10 coats, my toes have a wicked depth of sparkle and pigment, and totally catch the light.  Every time I notice them, I bend my toes a few times to let the light dance.  Oh, come on ... I'm a GIRL *girl*.  

And "Strobe Light" is a pale peachy colour ... super summery, super "beach-y", super pretty, super girly.


So ... this is my new thing.  I'm retiring the dark brown and the hot pink ( ... well.  I still love my hot pink ...) ... and I'm going to sport sparkles this summer.

Do you have a new favourite summer-y trend??  Would love to hear about it ... 

AND ... of course ... head to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE to check out "Mark and Cindy's Wedding: Part I".   Yup.  There's a Part II.  And Part III *grin*.

For now - I'm off to do my first run since last Thursday (although I let Jillian work me over last night for an hour - so great!!), I'm taking the kiddies to a birthday party, making some caramel popcorn for tonight's MASSIVE Game One (go Canucks!!!!), and finishing packing.  But I'll tell more about that another time *grin* ... 

Have a GREAT one!!


Courtney S said...

Wow I love the shadow,earrings and I have to agree that nail polish rocks. It's dries quickly and looks great!

Janean Bennett said...

LOL Darling, however do you apply a good 8-10 coats? Just timewise? busiest girly I know...LOL. Super cute! xo Janean

Tawn said...

... this stuff dries pretty much INSTANTLY ... you can do 2 coats a minute ... seriously. crazy stuff.