14 June 2011

[redhandedphotography: A Contest.]

Ok ...

I'm not sure how many people read this ... I have no idea if people come here to be entertained, to be educated on some whacky idea I have, to see my images or updates on my family ... I have no idea if you are friends or stalkers *grin* ... 

But if you read this blog, I want to petition you to do something REALLY great for a REALLY great kid.

You may remember this family ... a couple of weeks ago I did a photoshoot of Jon, Patti and their five kids.  Their eldest daughter, Angelica, has been battling leukaemia for the last year.  Their youngest son, Judah, was born just after Angelica was diagnosed.  They have had a very difficult year, full of many trials - and many triumphs as well.

 Angelica is strong and brave, and has a most incredible opportunity to go to New York City through the BC Children's hospital.  But there are funds that she needs to raise for her spending money, and with her brilliant, artistic spirit, she has designed t-shirts to sell.

I just bought mine.  White with black lettering.

If you're a reader of mine, I would so so so so love for you to consider purchasing one of her t-shirts.  Her family has not asked me to do this ... they have no clue that I'm even writing about this ... but YOU could BLESS them so so much.

If you go to Patti's blog HERE, there is information on the t-shirts - different styles and colours. You can purchase straight from her site.

Of course ... as I write this - I am nervous that no one will respond.   Relieve me from my nerves (I've got enough of them with Game 7 tomorrow night *grin*), and show this family that people care and support them ... 

And when you receive your shirt, would you take a pic and send it to me??  tawnsblog@hotmail.com ... I would love for Angelica to see YOU wearing her t-shirt in support of her healthy future.

As a bonus (even though I know that my readers don't need bribing, but hey - a contest is allllllways fun) - one lucky "reader-in-an-Angelica-t-shirt" will win a 50% discount on one family portrait session with RedHanded Photography (session to be completed in 2011).


Whatcha waiting for??

Head over to Patti's BLOG and order your new summer "t"!!

And hey ... have a great one *wink*!   

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, Tania..... :)

Auntie Ruth