04 July 2011

[redhandedphotography: Dave, Ann and the Gang.]

We are enjoying a few family-days away together in the Okanagan heat ... It's lovely to wake up knowing that the sun will be shining - although I hear that our friends and family are enjoying some much deserved sunshine back at home too!  I hope it sticks around ... say, until October??  

The boys are avid swimmers - but this is the first summer that Katia is able to ... walk?? *grin*. Yup ... she's enjoying the kiddie pool and her pink tutu swimsuit.  

But  being away doesn't mean I don't have work to do *smile*.   It's all good ... after a day of swimming and sunning and playing and eating ... the kids are wiped and by 9pm I'm able to get in an hour or so of work.

There's a new post on my RedHanded Photography blog.  Do you know Dave and Ann?  Oh, you probably do *grin* ...  here's a preview - 

But why not just head to the blog HERE and take a looksie. It was a lot-of-people-rain-drenched-children-teary-eyed-shoot ... a bit of a challenge, but to see the joy on Dave and Ann's faces ... so great.

Ok ... kids are up now - time to lather on the sunscreen.  Hope you have a fantastic day, and that the sun is shining wherever you are!!

Have a great one!


Caroline said...

Enjoy your stay here in the Okanagan. You came at a good time. The weather forecast looks to be sunny all week! We've had our share of rain and cloudy days too. Summer has taken it's time to start.

Vernon, BC

Tawn said...

thanks Caroline!! We had a GREAT time ... the Okanagan ... most beautiful place ever!