08 July 2011

[redhandedphotography: Sam & Lana.]

Summer has been stupid BUSY already ... but I wanted to send you a link to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE because of a post I put up today of Sam and Lana's wedding ... 

It was such a fun wedding ... there'll be three posts in total by the time I'm finished.

And what else?  Oh, the usual ... busy with family, hosting, renovating (well - our backyard is getting a bit of a facelift ...).  The kids are anxious to get to their summer camps next week, then it's swimming lessons and the likes.  I'm leading worship on Sunday morning - very, very excited about that.  Worship grounds me, and having been away last week I literally feel like I'm drowning, trying to catch up on everything with work and household projects.  Sometimes being away means twice as much to do when you get back *grin* ...

But hey - at least I'm not bored *grin*.  And the family time we were able to have last week was really wonderful.  I'll post more on that ... later?  *eek*.  There's never enough time!!  *GRIN*

So ... if YOU have a sec, head over to my RHP blog HERE and leave a comment.  Would love to know you stopped by!  

Have a great one!

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