25 July 2011

[redhandedphotography: Jere, Shari & More.]

So - I had a wicked flu bug last week (that thankfully only lasted about 48 hours) ... which forced me to cancel two photoshoots and put me behind in my editing and finalizing work.


BUT.  Then the sun came out on Saturday ... and we ended up having a crazy fun BBQ on our newly painted-and-lit-up-deck.  Big highlight *grin*.  Seriously.  Sun.  And the deck?  And no more flu? *insert dancing a jig here ...*

So, I have three photoshoots this week now, and we're also having both sides of the family over for Mattias and Katia's birthdays ... which both aren't until August, but with everyone's schedules as messed up as they are - this is the week it has to be.  So - that's going to be crazy busy ... but at least it's not the "kiddie" birthday yet!

Some other stuff going on, as always.  Being stretched, being taught, being validated ... having some brilliant conversations with dear girlfriends who are so wise and wonderful ... helping me organize my priorities (eek ... aren't they ALL a priority??) ... sometimes other's perspectives really help with all of that ... I'm feeling really grateful for the people who are in our lives.

AND *drumroll* ... yesterday I registered for my first 1/2 marathon, scheduled for the end of September.  More on that another time ... but honestly?  I think I'm out of my crazy-mind ... really.  20km or 21km, whatever it is.  EEK.   But I figure I won't die.  Or if I do, it'll be a grand way to go *ha!*.

Enough ... I'm all over the place (can you tell it's almost midnight on Sunday night and I've been editing and blogging pics for hours now? *grin*) ....

Head on over to my RedHanded Photography blog HERE to see the shoot from a couple weeks back ... here's a taste:

Here's to the Vancouver sun, and hey - have a great one!

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