27 July 2011

[redhandedphotography: Warren, Melissa & Family.]

Trying to keep up ... and a little bit happy that my hubby is playing hockey tonight and I'll be able to finish up three photo projects while watching "PS I Love You".  That's not bad, right?  Nope.  FInishing work up ... that's good.

So.  Last night was the "family" birthday party for Mattias and Katia ... even though both of their birthdays are in August.  It was a great night, with 20+ people for dinner and a lot of celebrating.  It was great to see so much family, and while I was talking to my kiwicdn cousin, she asked "so what's happening with you?"

My head hurt for a moment ... and then I put my "me" priorities in a line (which are totally different from the "wife/mom/homemaker" priorities).  1.  getting ready for the 1/2 marathon in September.  2. RedHanded Photography 3. music (worship/songwriting/more stuff).  I told her that I feel very "alive" and am enjoying so much of life's experiences as of late ...  friends, church, work, church, traveling ... Things are good around here.

I'll post more on the party tomorrow - if I get to those images tonight.  Honestly?  So much happens around here that by the time I get to editing the pics, something else has already happened to report on.  Ah well.  That's what digiscrapping is for, right *grin*?

*fallen face*

Oh.  Wait.  I need to get onto that too.

Ah well ... maybe tomorrow night.

For now ... another blogpost on my RedHanded Photography blog, on another great family.  "Warren, Melissa & Family" can be found HERE.  A preview ... 

If you stop by, I'd love to know you did ... leave a comment, say "hi" or even your bloglink.  Would love to meet you *smile* ... 

Have a great one!!

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