28 July 2011

[talk: Two Birthdays.]

Mattias and Katia's birthdays are only a few weeks apart - so we decided to have a "joint" family celebration at our home.  Like I mentioned before, both birthdays are in August (and I am clinging to Katia being 1 for another 3 weeks), but we chose to have a family party a little early.

Katia will be two.  And I intend on getting all three kids out for a photoshoot sometime before school starts again ... but I needed a few of her to mark this day, so into our backyard swing she went ...

And Mattias is turning 7 ... yikes.  His feet are almost bigger than mine.  But that's not really saying much ... 

It was a really great night of being with family ... it was just our "immediate" family - but there are a lot of us.  Over 20.  Oh - except our honorary "immediate" Kiwi family *grin* ... we were so happy to have them with us as well ... 

We served BBQ chicken, sausages, pasta salad, quinoa salad, honeyed yams & potatoes, green salad ... 

The kids opened their presents ... and poor Josiah didn't understand why Katia and Tias got presents and he didn't.  Ah well, little guy ... life isn't fair *grin*.

Katia got a swimsuit, and she wanted to "go swimming. pool. now."

And after the fruit, there was birthday cake.  Two DQ ice-cream cakes ... one of which, in part, is sitting in my freezer as I type this.  My mouth just started to water *ugh*.

SO.  That was a couple of nights ago ... pretty happy that I got this post up for my overseas family to see, in record time *smile*!!  

Ok ... off to the park for a little lunch picnic ... the sun is shining, and it is GLORIOUS out there.

Have a great one!!

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