04 November 2011

[fave things: Grown Up Christmas List ... ]

Ok ... I've gotten a lot of response about doing more "fave things" posts ... so here's the Big One for the year ... my "Grown Up Christmas List".

Every year, each family member in our family is asked for a Christmas list that they share with others - just as a guideline.  I know that some families really dislike this idea - so please don't hate on us because it's what we choose to do *wink* ...

I like to give a vast aray of ideas, as maybe it'll spark something in someone else of something that would bring them joy .., and I'm like most girls - the element of a little surprise is always nice *smile*.

This list is extravagant, but keep in mind that it's more of a "things I'm loving" post as apposed to anything else.   Here are a few things that would be lovely ... 

1. Kindle: It was on my "list" last year - but my hubby got an ipad for work, and thought that it would be like "doubling up".  But whenever I see someone on the skytrain, the airport, the coffee shop, with one - I think that it would be super cool to have.  I love to read, and think that this would be a welcome addition to my purse while I wait for Mattias' 1.5hr animation class to finish *grin*.

2. Amazon Gift Cards:  ... to buy digital books for my new kindle, of course.

3. Glass Teapot with Infuser:  A girlfriend of mine told me about David's Tea, here in Vancouver.  I have yet to try it - but I am ITCHING to start trying loose leaf tea.  Plus, I need a new teapot - a larger one - for when there are 3 or 4 ladies sharing in the yumminess.  This teapot holds six cups (1.5litres) and strains the loose tea leaves as it pours.  I think that's pretty fantastic. 

4.  Loose Leaf Tea from David's Tea:  This month's tea feature flavour is "carrot cake".  YUM.  And with teas like "Chocolate Mint Rooibos" and "Mango Madness" white tea ... can you really go wrong?  The only requirement for me is for it to be caffeine-free ... Caffeine is my enemy.

... and on a side-note, if someone you love is a tea-maniac like me - there are tea sample packages and other great gifts for under $30.00 at David's Tea, located in Guildford Mall or in Whistler, BC.   You can see more HERE.

5.  Tea Travel Mug:  If I'm going to be spoilt with fantastic tea - how great would it be to be able to take it with me ...  complete with built-in infuser.  I like the white one - and again, at David's tea in Guildford Mall and Whistler, BC.

6.  Individual Infuser Mug:  Oh ... are you seeing a pattern?  Yup.  So ... the teapot would be for many people ... and this would be just for me on those cozy nights while my hubby is out playing hockey, kids are all tucked in, and I'm watching some chick-flick while editing photos ... sounds perfect.  I love it in bright red.  David's Tea.  Guildford Mall ... and Whistler, BC.

7.  Dutch Oven:  I've seen these at Costco and HomeSense.  I love one-dish meals, but I don't have anything to really cook them in ... this would be lovely.  They are expensive - but hey - it's a list, right?  They run at about $99.00 - $199.00, depending on size and brand.

8. "Zoe Chicco" Necklace: I saw Hannah from the Biggest Loser wear this necklace all last season ... Now, I'm not 5'9 and 125lbs ... but I think I could rock it just the same *grin*.  I love how dainty it is (the large circle is 3/4" in diameter).  Obviously - I just love this style.  Finding it at the Winners jewelry counter is just fine with me *big grin*.
9: "Zoe Chicco" 4 Circle Bracelet:  ... well.  I wouldn't want the necklace to be lonely, now, would I?  *grin*
10. Wedge Boots:   These $99.99 boots are from "Spring" - a shoe store in my local Langley mall.  They're in "cognac" and I'd love 'em in a size 7.  I don't own any wedges  ... I think they're fun, feminine ... and might make me look a little bit taller.  Hopefully.

11.  Olive Canvas Classics by TOMS: ... yellow, red, chocolate, colour splattered, wedges,  ... they even have purple hounds-tooth.  I don't own a pair ... which is really sad because I think this company is super-cool with their "buy one, give one" policy.  I guess I just haven't thought I was ... cool? enough.  Well ... I still may not be ... but I'm ready to give it a try *grin*.  In the colour  "Olive", size 6.5/7.  LOVE them.

12. Oversized "Hobo" Satchel Purse:  A grey purse that holds everything ... I LOVE this purse.  I found this online ... and it's less than $30.00.

13.  "Run for Your Life Tank" by Lulu Lemon: ... truly, anything at Lulu is a treat, no?  This tank is long and a little loose, with a built-in, built in.  I love the "heathered royalty" colour as shown.  It's pricey ... $64.00.

14. "Inspire Jacket" by Lulu Lemon:  It's ridiculously expensive at $168.00, but ridiculously nice ... and hey - this is a list, just a list *grin*.  Size 4/6 for me ... *grin*

15. "Nature Bright SunTouch Lamp":  I haven't been actually diagnosed - but I know that I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during the winter months.  I'm sure a lot of people do - especially here on the west coast where the grey goes on for days and weeks ... This lamp helps with such an issue - and allows your body to make the necessary chemical changes to promote a happy winter.  It's so expensive, at $199.00.  I don't know where else to look, but I found this one on the London Drugs website ...

16. "Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Souffle Body Cream":  When a Christmas list has luxury in it, this is it.  Ok.  I don't own it ... never have.  It's pricy - but how yummy does it sound??  And it's Kelly Clarkson's favourite *wink* ... $50.00

17.  "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl" :  I reeeeeaaally would like this cookbook.  Ree Drummond is pretty great about posting recipes and such - but I'm a bit of a sucker for a great cookbook.  A kindle book for a cookbook just isn't my thing ... I love getting pages worn and dirty from tried and true recipes.  I hope to get a chance to dirty up my own book ... *grin*

18.  Loungewear:   New pjs.  Who doesn't like new pjs for Christmas?  Found these on the Sears website for under $30.00.  Now, I'm a bit funny about the material and style for pyjamas.  I don't like flannel, or stiff cotton.  I like "jersey" fabric - loose and forgiving *grin*.  I like elastic waists, rather than a drawstring.  And I prefer the tops to be "collar-less" and not button-up. I like dark pajamas too .. navy, black, dark grey.  How precise is THAT?  *wink*.  I'm a size small, mom *grin*.

19.  The gift of shopping:  Gift cards are always an exciting gift for any woman.  The idea of heading out for some "alone" time with some extra cash ... perfection.  Our local mall offers gift cards that can be used at ANY store in their mall.  How great is that?? Le Chateau,  Sakura and Aldila Boutique are all some of my faves there.

20.  Spa Utopia:  Our city has one of the best spa facilities in all of Vancouver.  It's expensive - but if you're into atmosphere and calm, this is the place.  And Costco actually offers giftcards that save you $50.00 when you spend $200.00.  Now, that is a lot of money, but you get 5 cards worth $50.00 each ... and you can be done your shopping for all the women in your life *grin*.  I know what some are going to say, "giving a gift that doesn't cover the entire expense is a waste."  True enough ... but I'm willing to put a bit some of my own money in if there's a gift card to help out ...


I'm out of ideas ... 20.  Not bad.  I hope I've given you as many ideas as possible ... I've been preparing this blogpost for over a week and I am happy to be done *grin*.

I hope you saw something you hadn't thought of that might bring joy to someone you know ... and here's to a fantastic Christmas season!!

Have a great one!


Rishana said...

Super fun post Tawn! I'm trying to switch from coffee over to tea, and some of those "tea-accesories" make the idea seem almost exciting! I have one of those dutch oven's and LOVE it! Heads up for your Christmas List Shoppers...Canadian Tire sells a few brands including Kitchen Aid, and they go on sale for aorund $40 every few weeks!

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

So much fun! I now have a few things to check out ;)

Regarding the pjs... I LOVE comfy, jersey-ish fabric. I've found some great ones at Target but recently (like, last week!) found some at Superstore (my choice was dark grey) and I'm in love. They are elastic waist and as comfy as anything. I wish I could wear them to work! Just sayin' ;)


Erica said...

fantastic list...i think i might just duplicate it for me...hee hee!

Cathy said...

I'm thinking of adding a kindle to my Christmas list too! I love reading paperbacks...I love the smell and feel of a real book...I know that's weird ;) but it would also be nice to spend less $ on books with a kindle. The glass teapot looks cool too! :)