27 December 2011

[digiscrap: Even More.]

Well, like most of you,  I'm up to my eyeballs in new images taken over the Christmas holidays.  Between school Christmas events, family Christmas events, birthdays and now - New Years - it's the busiest time of year for my camera.

Speaking of which ... Nikon is supposed to be having a MASSIVE announcement the first week of January.  I've been waiting, literally, for years to upgrade my camera.  I cannot WAIT for this announcement and hope it's the D800 I've been finger-crossing for.

I'm a camera user, for sure.  I LOVE photography, and not only as a business - but in capturing our family's lives.  I'm pretty good about staying on top of it ... I love to sit and vege by the t.v. when the kiddies are tucked in at the end of the day ... I love seeing images that were taken ... 

And I LOVE creating digipages.

Click images to enlarge ... and hey - have a great one!


happymomlori said...
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Yin said...

Hi Tawn, I just 'stole' some of your awesome layouts for my blog! You rock!