28 December 2011

[style: Growing Up.]

Style.  It's something that I've never possessed ... I dressed like whomever I was dating.  Does that make sense?  Grunge, preppy, conservative, tree-hugging ... I've tried most fashion faux-pas,  just trying to be who I thought "he" wanted me to be.

Pathetic, I know.

But I'm a happily-married-grown-up now, and I have definite things that I like.  True, I don't always dress the way I'd like to ... I'm not going to miraculously grow an extra 4 inches to wear some of those super-cool outfits - and not all the clothes in my closet were good purchases either ... so sometimes I don't really represent myself well.

But as I've started to love fashion and style (I think mainly because I never have to fear of turning into a house during pregnancy again), I've thought long and hard about what I like - about what I think is "me".  I like edgy, grownup clothes ... clothes that make me look like a woman, not a little girl.  I also think being in the photography industry has made me feel more pressure about how I dress and present myself.  I don't like looking like a kid.

You laugh, but just last week I led worship at my church and I had 3 different people comment in the hall to me (with big grins, I might add), " ... you looked like you were 15 years old up there today!!".  Not sure if that's a compliment *smile* ... but I I'll take it?  

I guess that's why I LOVE grownup clothes ... womanly clothes.  Clothes that are sophisticated, well tailored ... clothes that make me look taller (heels), or - yup - even older.

Now, I asked my hubby the other day if he liked the way I was starting to dress ... pencil skirts, stilettos, leather jackets, chained bracelets ... and you know what he said?  "No."  Ha!!! Seriously ... I was kinda expecting a, "... yes."  But - again - not his fault.  See, when we were dating, I turned into what I thought it was that HE would like.  Conservative ... simple.  I wore skirt suits to church, Club Monaco plain t-shirts and jeans.  I wasn't even close to being a rocker then (I say that tongue-in-cheek ... I'm far from a rocker.)   Style has changed, and I have definitely changed too.

I say all that ... but I do care what he thinks.  Although I'd love to, I won't get my ear-tragus pierced.  And I won't get a sidecut (above the ear on one side, longer on the other) - because he's probably right, I'll regret it two weeks later.  He keeps me in line - and hopefully not looking like a walking-mid-life-crisis *grin*.  And let me say, he doesn't HATE how I dress ... if he did, I would change it.  He just doesn't like all of it ... and hey, I don't always like what he wears either *grin*.  I love edgy clothes on guys ... and even *gasp* a good tat sleeve.  My hubby ... never.  *grin*.

I love black and white, always have.  So - while I would LOVE to get all decked out for New Years Eve with heels and red lipstick ... that won't be the dress-code for our night.  So, instead, I've chosen to live vicariously through Polyvore and have created this little pin with some things that I would love to own.

But don't.  *grin*

Anyway ... that's my post for today.  So, I ask you ... do you like how you dress?  Do you even care?  When you look in your closet, do you think it represents you well?  Are you waiting to lose that 10lbs before you invest in how you look?   Would you think that having Stacy & Clinton show up at your door with $5000 would be a lovely thing??  Oh ... I'd take it, for sure!!

Have a great one!
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Shawna said...

I have pretty much always had the same style..I'm pretty traditional and don't really make huge effort to change or try really hard at what I wear..I have a vision and sometimes I meet it, sometimes not so much ;)

Ps. I LOVE tat sleeves too and way to go on getting polyvore to work!

Tawn said...