14 August 2012

[talk: Social Media and Me.]

I love how our world is so small, in so many ways.  I love how we can "bump" into someone on FaceBook that we haven't seen in a decade ... and snoop around their photos and catch up on each other's lives *grin*.  I love the amusing tweets from friends doing fun things, or better yet - I LOVE "instagram" ... the perfect addiction for a photographer/mother/social-media-junkie.

I use social media for both business and pleasure.  I follow people I'm close with, and people I don't know at all (mainly to be inspired by their creativity and such ...).  I have a Twitter account for both myself (homemakingirl) and for my RedHanded Photography.  I have an instagram account - that I use daily.  I have a FB RedHanded Photography page for all my business musings, and a personal FB page too.

And I blog.  Both for RHP and here.

That's a lot of social media, eh?  But, for what I do - and how I choose to do it - it works fantasticly (that's not a word, I know).  I've certainly made my fair share of mistakes, unintentionally hurting others and I have been hurt myself many-a-time ... but I think I've grown a lot in what I actually put out there - even though it may be 10x more than what the average person does.

Social media has breathed LIFE into my business.  Honestly - it would be less than half of what it's grown to be in the last few years.  Free advertising, really that's what it is.  And I intend on dipping into that "free-ness" for as long as I keep RHP running.

But social media isn't real life ... we all know that.  Anyone can put anything out there ... we can be victims, we can be heros.  We can snoop - we can care-less about what anyone else is doing.  So the biggest thing to be aware of, is that social media does not replace real-life relationships ... it shouldn't be a place where one becomes courageous and says things they never would normally ... We need to respect social media, and remember that it actually shows our own character - our strengths and weaknesses.

It can be great - it can be bad.  It's up to us.

If you're interested, you can follow me.  If not - I'm not offended *wink*:

Instagram Username:  tawn_is_redhandedphotography
Twitter:  homemakingirl  AND redhandedphotog

Have a great one!!

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Yin said...

Well said! I'm getting more careful with what I put on the blog too, my teens are not keen on too much of their lives being out there! :)