13 November 2012

[make: Meal Planning with Pinterest.]

OOPS.  Forgot to share this with you!  A couple days late ...


My life is made simpler when I take just a few minutes to do this.  Why oh why I took a break from it, I'll never know.  When I don't plan, I'm panicked - and more importantly, BORED.  I love to cook, I love to create ... and I love to plan.

So it just makes sense.

This week, I've decided to broaden my "little-black-box" (that's what I call my recipe box, which has actually turning into an online-box where I can access it from anywhere ... ) with some new recipes I've pinned on my Pinterest boards

Here's what our week's going to look like:

Monday:  dinner @ in-laws.
Tuesday: shredded chicken casserole, brown-rice penne pasta, salad w/avocado and goat cheese.
Wednesday:  Chicken Vegetable Soup (made from rotisserie chicken) and Open Faced Grilled Cheese
Thursday: mongolian beef, brown rice, green beans and peppers (haven't tried this yet - if it gets the thumbs up, onto my recipe-box blog it shall go)
Friday:  company (haven't thought this one out yet ...)


Cross that one off my list ...

Have a great one!

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