21 November 2012

[talk: So Much Better.]

Today is our anniversary.  Fourteen years.  Fourteen consecutive years.  Fourteen consecutive years with the same guy.

That's like 50 Hollywood years, pretty sure.

This pic was taken on our honeymoon ... Lu was 23 and I was 24.  So funny because I remember this moment like it was yesterday.  We were on our way to a beach in Cabo San Lucas, a port where our Carnival Cruise Ship had docked ... it was the first hot day and there were pelicans everywhere because of the dead fish *laughing*.

We had no idea what was a head of us.  The truth is, we only had met 18months earlier - and when I think about that, I thank my lucky stars that we ended up being so good for each other.  Lu, in fact, was my shortest relationship - which I remember feeling a little nervous about on our wedding day.  I mean, FOREVER??  I'd never attempted that before, and I sure as heck didn't know what that meant.  It seemed super daunting.


But life has a funny way of getting you used to things, and realizing what a marriage really is.  Lu and I are a great team.  Really great.  And through three children, our heartbreak of Shalom, three homes, numerous travels ... I can look back and say I am PROUD of who we've become.  Not in a vain sort of way, but in a "phewf ... so glad it was easier than I thought!" kind of way ... 

When I look at that honeymoon photo, I feel like I didn't even know what love was.  I thought I loved Lu, I mean - I definitely liked him *grin* ... but now, I know what love really is.  And boy, do I love him.  I love him for what he brings to our home - and even though we are both so far from perfect, our home works only because we are both in it.  

If I could, I would tell that young couple in the honeymoon photo to stick it out.  To surround yourself with a village of honourable people that you're accountable to.  To submit to mentorship.  To be financially responsible, because most stress comes from feeling a lack of funds.  I would tell them that it won't all be rosy, but that the bad times really aren't as bad as they first appear because God's arms are strong enough to carry.  I would tell them that people will disappoint and hurt them, but others will rise up and stand with ... that investing in family and friends is never a waste, and teaching your kids to be kind and generous will be the most rewarding thing ever.

SO ... happy 14th, baby.    Thank you for choosing me - and giving me wings to soar and roots to grow.

Love you. xo

(and to everyone else?  have a great one!)

** 2012 Photo credits to my beautiful and talented friend, Melody Davis of Melody Davis Photography **


jamiedelaine said...

such a beautiful couple... with gorgeous kids!

Anonymous said...

so so so beautiful. great to read this in my 2nd year of marriage :) thanks for always sharing your heart.
lots of love
—janice XOXO

Shawna said...

Love this! Congratulations on the big 14...now to figure out how you're going to celebrate the even bigger 15!