12 December 2012

[digiscrap: Pages and Memories.]

I'm back.   Oh, you didn't know I was gone?  ... well, I spent 16 days in an Auz/NZ vacation with my hubby, kidlets and my parents.  It was an amazing time away - I'm truly homesick for my NZ family now ... and hope to get back there sooner than later.

I have over 1500 photos to sort through and realistically with all the RHP stuff I have to do, I won't get to it any time soon.  But I am hoping to post on our NZ "early" Christmas evening ... I'm sure my NZ family would like to see those images ... 

BUT - while I was gone, I finished close to 100 digiscrap pages - WOW!!  Now, they're not crazy-inspiring, but hey - they're DONE.  My mom's and MIL's albums are ordered and I can reeeeelax.  Well - I'm still adding to the number, as my personal album has more pages than my gift-ones ... only because my moms won't really care about all the little pages that I do!


Double click images to preview ... and hey - have a great one!

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