14 May 2013

[fave things: What I'm Loving Today ... ]

The last few posts have been kinda ... heavy.  Yeah.  And it's not like I couldn't pour out another 500 words on things that are on my heart and mind today ... but no.  No.  Today, I'm keeping it "light" and wanted to share with you a few of my "fave things" for right now.

Like.  May2013 "right now".  This could, and will, change at any moment.

I am not lying.  I bought 6 of these yesterday.  And - I gave one as a hostess gift last night, to a big smile and "THANK YOU".  Honestly - if you love butter chicken, there is no need to do anything else, than have this in your cupboard.  Better than any jar, truly.  And it's less than $5.00 and makes a great meal for 6 people.  I know.

I try and be "gluten-free".  I suck at it - but I have noticed that when I start eating it (even though I have never had a reaction to gluten) - I feel icky.  So ... these black-pepper lentil chips are AH-MAY-ZING. Yup.  Like 23 chips in one serving.  THAT good ... lo-cal, full-flavour, no stomach cramps.   Boom.

My fabulous sis-in-law, Suzanne, got this for me for my bday.  Ok, ok ... and her hubby, Joele, too.  But I'm pretty sure this was Suzanne's handy work.  The BEST thing ever ... scoop some loose leaf tea in, pour in the hot water, steep until ready ... then, place it on top of the mug and the pressure releases the tea in the cup.  Lift up - it closes.  Clean, not dripping.  I LOVE THIS!!

And I got a whole bunch of new teas ... but this one is my fave.  Kokomo Green tea with papaya, mango, pineapple ... it's like a vacation in a mug.  Mmmm ... 

4.   Baby Lips.

I have the purple one, with it's perfect sheer-nude tint.  LOVE it.  So does Katia.  Little stinker ...

5.  Living Proof Prime Style Extender:

There is NOTHING like this product.  OK - first off - please don't judge me, but I have a thing for Jennifer Aniston's hair.  I mean - who doesn't???  Well - when I saw that she was the spokesperson for Living Proof, I had to try it.  HAD to.

When I was in the states this past March, I bought the $25 trial pack ... and went back a few days later to get the REAL stuff.  It's really incredible.

The Prime Style Extender actually REPELS dirt.  True story.  Grease, dirt, muck - whatever ... I can put this in my hair, blow dry it and wear it straight for up to 3 days without washing.  Honestly - for me, that's a crazy thing.

I have now collected almost the whole line ... love the shampoo, leaves my hair feeling different than anything else.  There's a hair-mask that I use once a week and it makes my hair SHINY.  The thickening cream is my 2nd fave, behind the Primer.  It WORKS.  Just a pea-size ... and your hair does not get weighed-down .. not a bit.  It feels clean, light, thick, shiny ... seriously just about as close to having Jennifer Aniston hair you'll ever get.

Yes.  It's expensive.  But here's my delimma.  I have about 5 bottles of hair mousse that are half empty, they leave my hair crunchy, flat on the top ... they flake.  With the $20 I spent on those combined products, I could've bought one thickening cream and been HAPPY.  Like - super happy.

I find that sometimes I try and save a few bucks, only for my money to actually be wasted and  ... well. That's just how I see it  ...  next!

I get asked ALL the time about photography apps on the IPhone.  This is the one I use ... it has about 20 preset filters for the "one click" edit ... there are textures; I can crop in many dimensions and make the background white and clean ... or I can forget the filters and edit images, almost like I was on my Lightroom on my computer.  Well.  Not quite ... 

But with so many of us using our IPhones for pics - why not make them their very best?  I think it was $4.99 when I bought it.  

... it's how I edited this image of me that I took a couple of weeks ago.  So many asked "HOW did you do this??"  Simple.  I put my head on the counter, too the pic with my right hand with my IPhone resting horizontally ... snapped the pic and EDITED THE CRAZIES OUT OF IT in AfterGlow. 

Ok ... so those "are a few of my fave-o-rite-thingggggs"

Have a great one!

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melissa page said...

i love learning people's favorite things! thanks for sharing! put a few of these on my list to pick up next time i'm out shopping!