29 September 2013

[meal planning: Week5.]

Yup.  Here we go again ...

B ::  cereal&milk, orange juice
L ::  Mac N Cheese, apple sauce, cucumbers&dip
D ::  cauliflower soup, open faced grilled cheese, salad.

B :: toast with jam or honey
L :: Ham&Cheese buns, popcorn twists, grapes
D ::  oven baked roast beef, baked yams, maple carrots

B :: cinnamon toast
L ::  cheese quesadilla, apple sauce, snicker doodle cookies
D ::  Chicken fried rice w/ brown rice, eggs, red peppers & peas.

B :: pancakes and maple syrup
L :: pizza pinwheels, apple slices, carrots and dip, pretzels
D :: panko&parmesan chicken strips, yam fries, caesar salad

L :: Applesauce muffins, cucumbers&dip, fruit snacks
D :: spaghetti and salad

Shortest post ever.

Have a great one!

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