09 July 2014

[fave things: Spring 2014.]

I've been pretty "serious" as of late.  Heavy topics, deep thoughts.  But hey - I'm just a girl.  And I have a few new favourite things.

Ok.  That's not quite tru.  I have a LOT of new favourite things.  Where do I even start?

First up -

Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes

Oh boy, oh boy.  I'm actually having a GIVE AWAY on my RedHanded Photography Facebook Page - and I'm giving away ONE of these!!  This mascara is reeee-dic-you-lous.  I have never, ever had lashes like this.  Click the above link to join the group and potentially WIN one - but make sure you don't miss out - and order yours.  Seriously - you WILL NOT regret it.  

Clarisonic Mia 2

My friend told me about this product - and raved about how quickly her skin changed by using it.  I don't have bad skin - but I'd like to keep it that way ... so I invested in this - and I LOVE IT.  I've only been using it for a week - and would HIGHLY recommend it.

I have to change up my skin care often ... my skin gets used to things, and products stop working.  This is my latest LOVE.  SPF 30.  And it's just lovely ... 

The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer from Tarte

So, I pretty much have zero cheekbones.  And I'm fascinated by the idea of contouring with make-up (a la Kim Kardashion ... although, she looks just a tad too - um- over-contoured to me).  I found this product and I LOVE it.  Really really.  

Levi's Light Wash Curvy Skinny Denim

I can't find the perfect pic of these ... but I am loving summer-ish-light-beachy-jeans.  Yes - it goes right along with my obsession with all things beach-y.  So that's perfect *grin*.  

Love Never Felt So Good

THIS song is my summer anthem.  I don't care if I dance like a crazy-woman every time it comes on. It's just a fun-summer-smiling kinda tune written by Michael Jackson and Paul Anka about 30 years ago ...

I have these constantly in my freezer.  They are gluten-free, sugar-free and the most AMAZING things ever.  They satisfy my chocolate cravings, my sweet-tooth craving ... yup.  So good.  Click the above link to my "Make" website for the recipe.  


That's enough.

Now ... I have something really serious I wanna talk about.

Tomorrow.  *grin*

Have a great one!

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