20 March 2017

[ talk: Whole 30. Again. ]

It has been a LONG time since I've blogged.  Why?  Because life is busy, and honestly - who cares about blogging anymore?  Clearly, I don't lol ... so why am I doing this?  For myself, actually.  

See, about 6 months ago, I started doing CrossFit.  I LOVE IT.  Like, a lot.  Then, with a bunch of back-to-back trips, I got out of the groove and just recently "restarted".  I try and go 4 times a week ... and I feel like I've got that part under wraps now.

But.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting older - but the weight, oh the weight, that I seem to carry on my little frame.  I took a selfie of our kids and I this weekend and was STUNNED.  I look like I've been stung by a bee.  Or a few hundred.  Thousand.

I successfully completed Whole 30 a couple of years ago.  If you're interested in finding out about that ( you can read about it HERE - actually, it was really helpful for ME to reread it).  It was HARD.  And then it got easier.  I loved how I felt, the energy I had and the cravings that I no longer succumbed to.  

This morning, I got real and weighed myself.  And measured myself.  And went grocery shopping to start my Whole 30 month.

There is a goal.  What is it?  Well, simply to complete it.  The reward?  My annual Pink Phoenix trip will be just a few days after I complete the Whole 30.  

Because I've already done this before, I know what to expect.  Like, Day One is EXCITING lol.  Eager-beaver.  Ready-to-go.  Day Three, the sugar detox starts and cravings and my oh my  --- it's hard.  But by Day Five ... results are already happening and a newfound vigour happens.   

Then - by day 21 ... I'll be so sick of yams and avocados and almonds and eggs - but the goal will be close ... and I will survive lol.

Day 30?  The glorious DAY 30?  Weighing, measuring ... maybe eating peanut butter.  Or brown rice.  Or putting honey on ... anything lol.

So why am I posting this?  Well, think of it as my own personal Weight Watchers lol.  I figure that if SOMEone reads this,  then I'm accountable, right?  Well - I kinda feel like just by just typing these words - I already am.  

So, I started today - but how did I start?  Meal planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And I had to keep in mind that my family isn't doing this - so it means I have to be VERY prepared, or I will most certainly fail at this.


breakfast //  black coffee

lunch // grilled onions + red peppers in ghee butter, 3 whole scrambled eggs.

dinner // baked potato with ghee butter, romaine salad w/veggies + sliced rotisserie chicken; no sugar added applesauce 


breakfast // black coffee, hard boiled egg, banana

lunch // tuna + salad

dinner // rotiserree chicken (homemade), baked yam, frozen peas; sliced mango


lunch // leftovers

dinner  // cauliflower soup with prosciutto, salad with baked brusselspouts; 

For snacks ... sliced apples with almond butter, bananas, pistachio nuts or almonds, sliced veggies or fruit ... 

* * * *

So yeah -- there you have it.    I'll check back in 30 days.  Or maybe sooner.

Wish me luck LOL

And have a great one!

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