08 September 2008

[digiscrap: OOOO Where Do I Start??]

SO much to say ... and not sure where to start. So I'll start with this:

Don't you just hate the yo-yo effect of life sometimes? I mean, a few days ago I was - once again - feeling gloomy and lonely, isolated and bullied all at the same time. What's with that??? Then the sun comes out (literally) and my own clouds of gray are lifted. I'm wishing that the weather didn't predict my own mood *grin* for there seems to be a real co-insiding of the two.

I went from these sad emotions to a glorious Sunday. I love my home church and the people in it. There's a real sense of "family" birthing there - and I have the privilege of being involved in the music there. Nothing is greater than people joining together in worship. Nothing. And for me, that says a lot - because I love to do a lot of things *grin*. So I came home in a state of euphoria - a real sense of who I am and why I'm here. Such a contrast to the day before ... such a yo-yo. Such a pain *grin*.

Then - I get this comment from "Yin". Did you read it? OH MY WORD. The woman made my day. Now - to those of you who DON'T know who she is, she is a digi-queen and has a bazillion (well, not quite) hits on her site to prove it. She creates fantabulous pages and gives out freebie templates from time to time. I snatch them up as quickly as she gives them out - and got brave a few days ago to tell her "thanks" for the ideas. I left my blogsite there, inviting her to come and check out my pages - NEVER thinking she would. But she did ... and left kind words to boot!! She actually asked if she could put some of MY pages on HER site. **clonk**. Sorry. That was me, falling over.

SO - now I have to step it up just in case she makes her way over here again *laughing*. And I'll need to start posting "credits" of the products I use too - which will be a huge deal b/c I have so much digi stuff on my computer - it's a little crazy. And if she reads this - she'll probably be horrified that she made my blog topic. But maybe she'll smile, and I'll have validated her the way she validated me *grin*. How nice would that be??

Ok. Tomorrow? Tias' very first Music for Young Children class (you can see him drumming videos here) is in the morning ...then off to see Toopy & Binoo (what on EARTH am I thinking??). Our dinner guests canceled, so it will be a quiet night of "Big Brother" and digiscrapping.

For you? I wish you a glorious day full of sun and no yo-yo-ing. Have a good one *grin*. And here are some of my recent layouts. Enjoy. Or not *grin*.

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Harley said...

I'm glad to hear that your day's going well. Hopefully Yin leaves you some more kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Langley Campus of CLA .. that's why we have come back to it once again.

Sounds good to have your stuff on Yin's site. :D

Hope you have a blessed week. See you Sunday

Anonymous said...

You must have been just over the moon getting a comment from Yin. She is one of my favs. She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. But then again, so are YOU!! So you shouldn't be the least bit surprised that she was impressed with your work :)
I love your style, and am inspired often by your work.
I know exactly what you mean by the yo-yo effect.... it's nice to know I'm not alone.
I hope you have a great sunny day!

Jennifer said...

Hi Tania,

I was just reading Kristin's blog and noticed your name and clicked on it...I just have to say..your amazing. I think we have alot of mutual friends but have never officially met. I've been at cla over 5 years and I've always thought to myself " I need to go introduce myself to her"...but never got around to it.
I have to tell you a story about how you've impacted my life even though we've never met. you were leading worship one sunday and I was around 7 months preggo (i think?) and you were telling us about the loss of your daughter *i'm so sorry*... and you were singing " BLessed be your name" and when it came to the part where you had to sing " you give and take away"..you paused...well, I lost it and I loose it everytime I hear that song now. Its a good thing :)I used to always skip that part or not think about it because it was scarey..now i really let it sink in and praise God anyways because he's in control and has a plan for my life. OH man, now that I'm a mom I can't even imagine the strength it took to sing that song....so inspirational!! I will forever be changed because of you.
Now that I've wrote a novel I should go...but...next time I see you in the hall's I'll stop and introduce myself...I admit, I'm a little star struck by you LOL

Many blessings
Jennifer Stare
If your on facebook I'll add you as a friend to know... I'm a real person HAHA!!
have a blessed day ..Oh, and its nice to know that we all have flip flop days..sheesh..they are not fun :)

Tawn said...

:-) I woke up this morning with something to read!! Thank you for leaving comments - and Jennifer - I have added you as a friend on facebook. thank you so much for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hugging the fish...priceless. Jxxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Tania!

I LOVE your digiscrapping...maybe I'll have to come to Canada for lessons sometime ;)

I'm sooo excited - thanks to you I am starting our own biggest loser tomorrow! I can't wait to get going and lose weight for the summer. Thanks so much for the idea :) I think we have 17 people doing it with $100 entry fee and we are going to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd monetry prizes and some extra 'spot' prizes. I'll let you know how it goes.


devan said...

"yo-yo effect to life" Yes! Tell me about it!

Yin said...

Hi again! It's Yin...oh sheesh, you definitely put a smile on me, from ear to ear, and i'm blushing ear to ear too..;P thanks for your kind words! Your layouts are honestly cool, did I tell you that I like that you journal a lot and that the layouts look like pages from a magazine/book. THanks for agreeing to 'appear' on my blog, will be getting to that probably sometime this weekend. And also want to say I'm so glad to know you follow the same Lord, and it's encouraging to read Jennifer Stare's comments about you and one of my fav songs "blessed be your name".. thank you. Yin

Jacinda said...

Wow, your layouts are beautiful! I plan on lifting a few ideas from you if you don't mind. I found your site through the comments on Yin's site.

You know, about the fish (such touching story BTW)I've heard it said that kids having pets is a great way of preparing them for the realities of life. Maybe some time in the future if you lose a family member or grandparent or something, he will understand a little better, having gone through the process with his beloved fish. My girls have fish too, and when our first one died we had much the same reaction from our 4 year old. Except our fish's name was (get this) Roast Beef. LOL.