24 September 2008

[make: Specialty Cakes - A New Addiction, I Think]

OOOOOOH my oh my. A couple of nights ago, our HH12 group had a BLAST learning how to create specialty cakes with fondant. The cakes were pre-made, as was the fondant (but we were shown how to make our own), and we were placed into teams with a 1 hour timelimit. We had magazines to look through, if we wanted, and quickly came up with a plan.
Can I tell you HOW MUCH FUN it was?? Ohhh ... this was SO up my alley.

Our team created a Ladybug Cake, and we were so proud *grin*. The other teams made a "Fall-Themed" Cake with leaves and the other was a 2 tiered Strawberry Cake. It was sure tough to do it with only an hour allowed, but they were SO fantastic - and the Fall Cake won the presitigous award as "best cake".

Here are some pics ...

Far from professional - but now I'm feeling like the possibilites are endless!! I spent some time checking out some sites and found these pics of AMAZING cakes. They are absolutely incredible - and make our attempts a little lacking *grin*. But hey - for most of us, it was our very first attempt and these cakes are made by teams of great pastry chefs.

The sites I went to were: http://www.pinkcakebox.com/ , http://www.cakesbydarcy.com/ and http://www.carynscakes.com/ . Another great site is http://www.confetticakes.com/ . Check them out - but here were a few of my favourites.

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Still Enjoying the Journey said...

I can't wait to see your next Birthday Cake creation ... it will be amazing as well! By the way ... I like your l'il ladybug! And the pix of your favs! definitely fabulous!