29 September 2008

[photos & talk: A Wedding, A Girl's Weekend to Phoenix & Another Dead Fish]

Ooo ooo ooooo. It's been a few days, and I have so much to share - but SO much to do ... but the "doing" will have to wait *grin*. I'm doing THIS right now (while the laundry does another cycle ...).

First things first. My sis-in-law, Silvia, got MARRIED yesterday!!! This IS a MASSIVE deal - she is 37 and has been "holding out" for "perfection" *grin*. Hey, weren't we all?? Yah, yah, whatever. ANYway - God gave her sunshine and the most wonderful day. We are so very happy for her, and welcome her man into our home. My husband, myself and Mattias were all in the wedding - and my parents attended as well, and helped watch Josiah. My only anxiousness came from NOT being able to take pics of Tias coming down the isle. It's scary having to rely on someone else for that (haven't gotten those pics yet) - but I still managed to get 400 pics from before & after the ceremony. *sigh*. More pics to go through - but, you know, ... I love it *smile*. Also - there will be more pics on my Facebook, if you're interested!
Our "Girls Weekend to Phoenix" is in 2 sleeps *grin*!! Myself and 5 girlfriends are staying at my family's condo for a couple of nights for some much needed R&R ... and shopping *grin*. We've been talking about this for SO long, and I can't believe it's so close. I shudder at how many pics I'm going to take ... especially because when the girls go home, my hubby and boys arrive with my parents - and we stay another 12 days. Only downer is the plane ride. I'm TERRIFIED of flying ... and am considering massive amounts of drugs to compensate *grin*. We shall see.

AND ... just to top it off ... Guido died. Tias' FAVOURITE fish. But Tias was so much better this time, and Guido was quickly replaced with a 39cent goldfish. My husband said, " No more of this $5.99 a fish when they die every few weeks." So Tias has his two buddies swimming together again and is starting to realize that fish die. *sigh*.

Ok ... so some pics of the wedding I took - here are a few of my favourites (who am I kidding, a BUNCH) ... my bro-in-law took our "family shot" *kudos to him*!

Silvia & My mom-in-law
the three little princesses

my little man - isn't he handsome??

the cake Charmaine made. Seriously. 3 Kids and she whipped this up.
this is the only way I get a pics of myself, it seems. See. I WAS there.
the happy couple.

the tables were all named.

I love this. How Italian is THIS?? Crazy cousins.

the reception site

Ok ... well - I'm off ... once again - there are more pics on my Facebook. And I wish you ALL a glorious rest of the day. *grin*


devan said...

Where was the wedding at ?

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Lisa B. said...

Have a fabulous girls get-away, enjoy every second!!!

And beautiful wedding pics...loved them all.