03 September 2008

[talk: Famous Acquaintances]

So after watching yet another show with a person I've known on it, I thought it would be fun to maybe see who we all "know" that has made it "BIG". Or so to speak. Perhaps they were never an actual friend, but maybe you knew them in high school, or talked to them at the Starbucks counter on a weekly basis. Or maybe you were just saw them walking down the street downtown ...

Fame has always intrigued me. If you know me, I get "star struck" pretty easy - and I'm not sure why. The glitz and glam is all good, but it's being great at something and being KNOWN for it that intrigues me. Celebrities who do nothing, do nothing for me ... but intelligent activists, fantastic musicians, brilliant actors, hard-working athletes - these people inspire me. Not to have the camera flash blazing in my eyes, but to be passionate about something and give it my all. Going after a dream a living it.

Ok. Here's my list:

1. Jessica Lowndes. Her name is first because I watched her on 90210 last night *blush*. If you saw it, she was the "druggie/thief". *smile*. We know her family very well, and my mom taught her piano for many years. We graduated from the same high school - just a lifetime apart *grin*.

2. Evangline Lilly (Nicole). Ok - even just typing her name gives me the stomach knots. But she's the girl who's famous for being "Kate" on the hit show "Lost". I've only watched the very first episode - and once I realized who the lead female role was, I simply couldn't watch it anymore. You'd think I'd get over it, since it was 12 years ago, but we worked at a summer camp together for 2 years in a row. And she was all over my boyfriend - or rather, tried to be. So childish of me, considering I never married the guy - but still. She irks me. I'm just jealous of her beauty, I guess *evil laugh*.

3. Chris Crippin. Have you heard of the band, "Hedley"? Well - although it's famous for it's lead singer, I went to Jr. High with the drummer. Chris was ALWAYS the class clown, and was still a tiny-little-guy in grade 9 - he loved the motherly-attention he got from all the older girls.

4. Jacob Hoggard. So it's a double whammy for me with the "Hedley" band. I was a camp counselor at the summer camp Jacob went to ... but I know his parents a lot better than I know him.

5. Jed Rees. Now - this guy I've known forever ... and his name may not be familiar to most, but he was on the Chris Isaak show and on that space movie with Tim Allen. Jed is a life-long friend of my brother, was even in his wedding party. The jewelry box he gave me for a wedding gift sits beside my bed.

6. Leon Leontaridis. Ok. Don't laugh, A. *she's his wife and a blog stalker *grin**. But Leon is with Destino, an up-and-coming popera band. He is my husband's lifelong friend, and actually introduced us (good hook up, I reckon). Whenever he and his wife & daughter are in town, I bug him and say "Hey - aren't you LEON???". It's a little laugh we like to have. He would laugh if he knew that I put him up here *grin*.

7. Jesse Dryfout & Nathan Wylie. Both of these characters are/were in "Stabilo". I worked at summer camp with Jesse (along with Ms. Nicole Lilly), and Nathan is my ex-boyfriend's cousin. Nate was actually in the Christian worship band "Standfirm" we put together for a couple of years ... wicked drummer and super guy.

I also know a few people making their mark in the ever-impossible-to-break-into music industry and these friends/acquaintances have been/are diligent in "making it". The guys from "Doubting Paris", "Au4", "Dakona" and Ryan is doing a new venture called "Cowboys & Indians". And there's "Greg Neufeld" - the Canadian Idol contestant. Our good friend is his bass player - LOVE his music. Seriously ... it's Brian Adams meets John Mayer. And at my friend K's bday party a few weeks ago, I looked over and there Greg was ... it was a tad strange, considering the only reason I watched Canadian Idol was b/c I thought he was so great.

In the Christian music world, good ol' Ben Cantelon is a rising leader in the UK now. We've known Ben since he was a kid at and he and my hubby grew to be close friends. It was sad for us when Benny made the trip "over the pond", but he's doing so well - it's all good *grin*. And then, one of our friends married Ben Fielding of Hillsong United - most known for his song "Mighty to Save" ... that was a TRIP for me when we attended their wedding and saw people whom I've musically admired for so long ... I almost passed out when I ventured over to say hello to Reuben Morgan - his worship music is really brilliant. I'm such a geek. *grin*. And trust me, my husband mocks me for it OFTEN. I really am the biggest geek.

I've "seen" my fair share of famous people too. Tori Spelling bought shoes in the downtown Aldo store. Matthew Perry was shooting a "running" scene outside of a local coffee shop - my friends laughed at me as they watched my face when I realized it was "Chandler Bing". SO FUNNY.

I had my picture taken with Mario "Slater" Lopez and Dustin "Screech" Diamond when I was in Hawaii for my grad vacation. I've seen JT, Celene Dion, U2, Michael Buble ... and a ton more in concert. Does that count? Oh, and then there are the hockey games, basketball games and golf tournaments that I've seen ... but I'm thinking that Vijay Singh isn't one of my blog-reader's top interests.


Ok - I'm sure I've missed someone ... but if you care to, leave a comment on who YOU know and let's all have a good chuckle together *grin* ... AND, I thought this would be fun too, if YOU could be someone for a day - who would it be? Would you want to be known for intelligence, beauty or talent (athletic, musical, theatrical)?

For me? I've said it before: I'd be Carrie Underwood ... she's lovely and talented and seems like a nice person to be.

Ok ... your turn (if you'd like!!) and have a great one!


Still Enjoying the Journey said...

You're hilarious! All I have to say is, I must be famous 'cause I know someone that knows all these famous people - Ms Tania! Does that even make any sense?

Amanda said...

You are a funny woman! But to play in your game I will let you know the people I know in your 'list' I know Nicole (Evangeline) from camp too,and Jesse Dryfout from there as well. I know Greg Neufeld and have since we were kids together. I know Kris and Ryan from Dakona, Leon from Destino. AND Jordan knows the guy who plays Superman in the drama Smallville. I think they went to school together. I think that is all I know, but there may be more!
Oh - AND I met Cabbie from Sportsnet. He's a cool guy! Met him up in Whistler.

Amanda said...

Oh and I forgot about Ben Cantelon. Known him for YEARS as well. Whoops!

Anonymous said...

Okay of all the people you know - I had to laugh that you know/knew Creepy Chris Crippin! That's his new name now! I had to comment on that one :)

Anonymous said...

that's awesome! Well Leon IS a big deal, so good for you to put him up. HAHAH!

Crystal said...

You have met a lot of people!! Im impressed. Well, I know some hockey players because I went to highschool in Penticton and some of the guys ended up in the NHL:)
My biggest claim was when I worked downtown at the Bay in the cosmetic department...Shemar Moore(Hot guy from young and the restless and Criminal Minds) came in to MAC with his "girlfriend"..we went and got autographs....and...he hugged us:) it was magical!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up :)
My family rolls their eyes and say "ok go ahead and tell the story...." everytime they see Cuba Gooding Jr.on tv.
Many moons ago he asked me out on a date. Dad said no. (Big surprise there!) Could have been because I had met him on a movie shoot all of an hour earlier...lol

Anonymous said...

did you ever hear the story about when Benjamin Bratt stole Jacquelyn's groceries?
Alison (again)

Tawn said...

no Alison - do tell *grin*.

And THANKS EVERYONE - you made this so much fun *grin*!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I did makeup for Jason Priestly in high school...eyeliner and final net. You know, you have to get really close to do the eyeliner part...whooo hoooo! Okay, then my brother used to yell at Will Sasso growing up...and then run so he wouldn't get beat up. (I think the yelling involved the words "Fatso Sasso")So I went to high school with Will Sasso too. Met Annette Funicello at Disneyland and got her autograph - ha! Went to a reading by Judy Blume and had her sign a book - as a much loved author of my early teen years it was a really nice experience.
My favourite celebrity run in was with John Candy at Le Meridian (now Sutton Place) for a friends post grad at the chocolate buffet. I was all dressed up and had stepped out to use the powder room. As I made my way back through the lobby area to the buffet, I noticed this super tall, familiar looking man in the lobby. Then I figured it out - JOHN CANDY!!! I think I must have stopped and had an open mouth or something. Because he smiled at me and said I looked lovely. I said thanks...heeheeheehee...or something like that. It has been twenty years - and it still makes me giggle. There have been a few more, but these are the standouts. Janean