29 December 2008

[talk: Silence.]

Shhh ... can you hear it?

It's the sound of the clock ticking in the dining area ... and the purring of my laptop. Oh how SWEET the sound. The sound of silence.

I love people. I love being with people, talking with people, laughing with people. But I love silence too. It clears my head. And there is a lot going on in my head today. Thoughts of possible dreams coming true, thoughts of *ugh* dreams possibly not coming true. Thoughts of hard paths different friends are walking. Paths of financial stress, marital grief, physical illness.

And it seems, in these quiet moments, that all the loudness of laughter and noise just ripples away. What is left is the truth ... that life is full of blissful ups and devastating downs. We can't hide it with wide grins and empty banter. We're not meant to have it all together all the time.

We all know that it's the hardtimes that make the good times even sweeter. And as I enjoy the quietness of my evening, I know that right now is a good time. I will savour it, because who knows what tomorrow will hold for any of us.

How sweet to know that even when all is silent, that He is there.

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Yin said...

I love this post! I'm sitting in silence too, well, human silence, as it is a rare day that I'm home while the kids are in school, and your reminder that He is here, I'm blesse, thank you.